SaaS Gives you More with Less...

The economy today is crazy. It is hard to predict anything…and for good reason. It is apparent, based on unemployment levels, that businesses are being cautious and are carefully using the capital they have on hand. However, companies still need to conduct business so that our economy has momentum to come back. Business systems that are delivered as SaaS (software as a service) have a lot to offer right now.

Businesses are trying to do the same or more work with less. This means that you have fewer people and less funding to accomplish the work you have been doing or even do more if possible. Software as a Service systems are built to allow you to leverage the system without having to hire the people to build, monitor, maintain, and improve it. So you get all of the benefit of the system without any of that investment. This is good for businesses who need state-of-the-art systems like NICE CXone but can't afford to build it, run it, and maintain it themselves.

Money is an issue for businesses today. Financing new ventures is difficult right now because capital is hard to come by. SaaS is great in this case because it doesn't require the capital right up front to have the benefits of the services of the system. SaaS is famous for its pay-as-you-go model. Many businesses may not have the capital for major system deployments, but they do have operating capital that can be used to deploy state-of-the-art systems like NICE CXone and immediately get the benefits.

Today, investments needs a quick ROI. Since access to capital is an issue right now and businesses are looking to maintain and even build momentum, a quick ROI is essential. Again, this is where I am impressed with the SaaS model. Because a business can get started quickly and produce results, the return on the operation is very fast. It isn't like the business is trying to build a significant new system from scratch. The SaaS system is in place and ready to perform its function for the business. So getting a quick return on your investment with a SaaS system doesn't depend on the capabilities of the system, but rather the application of the system to solve the right problems for your business.

If you have had an experience with a SaaS system providing you with the ability to do more with less or turn around a quick return, I would love to hear about it. You can reach me at