Reinventing Digital Marketing and More | CMO Perspectives (5th September, 2016)

Reinventing Digital Marketing and More | CMO Perspectives (5th September, 2016)

Summer holidays are wrapping up for almost everyone around the northern parts of the world. Which means back to business for September, although we must say that this summer the industry content has been some of the best and our CMO Perspectives blog has been filled with insights and delights. This week is no different with pieces from Hootesuite, Smartfinds, Timothy Hughes, Bill Carmody, and AdAge to name a few. Also don’t miss our ‘Tweet of the Week’ from Glen Gilmore. Enjoy!

10 Books Every Social Media Manager Should Read []

“If I only had time to read” said no successful CMO ever! We jest, sort of... However, if you do ever find time to read, here is Dara Fontein's list of 10 books every social manager needs to read. Including: "Content Strategy for the Web," by Kristina Halvorson and a favorite of ours, Jay Baer's "Hug your Haters."

Will You Use LinkedIn Hashtags For Business Marketing? []

Exciting exciting exciting news for marketing professionals, as reported by Smartfinds. LinkedIn has finally decided to add #Hashtags to their platform. This is something Facebook did some time ago, even though they haven't had the success that hashtags have had on Twitter. Nonetheless, with LinkedIn jumping on the bandwagon, maybe it will create an industry, cross-platform standard which can only help us marketers with multi-platform marketing. #WeAreExcited, are you?

Beware of the Zombie 1990's Marketer []

Timothy Hughes, who admits he is a sales guy – not a marketer, absolutely delights with this blog post about marketers with a certain "zombie-like, 1990s attitude" to marketing. So how do you spot one of these rogue marketers? Well to start with, Hughes says to avoid those people who end calls or meetings with "social" on the agenda. As he says, "In modern times, social has to be embedded in everything we do.  Social, isn't special anymore, it's business as usual." Really, read this piece, it's funny and brilliant and scarily true.

Masters of Marketing: 64 Brilliant Chief Marketers Each Share Their Best Advice []

Bill Carmody reports for on the brilliant Drew Neisser's list of 64 thought leaders who together share the art and science of marketing. What truly makes this list brilliant - apart from industry chiefs like Jeffrey Hayzalett, Chris Brull (Kawasaki), Jonathan Becher (SAP), Judy Hackett (Dun & Bradstreet) to name a few - is the genius way the advice has been laid out for you. With topics ranging from "The 10 Basic Elements of Marketing," to “The 10 noble Pursuits of Marketing," Carmody says, "Prepare yourself for a crash course in marketing brilliance."

Death to the Survey: How to Turn Customer Feedback Into a Brand Experience []

Harlan Kennedy hits the nail on the head with these 3 ways brands can improve their customer data collection process. He is talking about how in this day and age brands need to know their customers every needs and wants in real-time and how a long questionnaire or feedback form is no longer the way to get customer insights. In fact according to his piece, 80% of customers said that they have abandoned a survey halfway through. There ARE better ways, like our Voice of Customer - Customer Feedback Solution, so it's definitely time for brands to up their game when it comes to getting customer insights.

The week’s TWEET OF THE WEEK comes to you from Glen Gilmore @GlenGilmore who is tweeting @_GrowthHackers Anatomy of a Content Marketer infographic. Love it!


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