Reinventing Digital Marketing and More | CMO Perspectives (2nd March, 2016)

A few weeks ago we talked about how Medium will change the blogging landscape as we know it, well this week we feature not one but two pieces published on Medium. Mark our words, the tags on this platform are getting hot. You saw it here in CMO Perspectives first. Check out JayBaer [] on how to use customer service to make great content marketing; The great Jeannie Walters [] on what CX is NOT; James Thomas, guest blogging for on how the most successful customer-driven marketers are also revenue obsessed, and more... Enjoy!

Can Your Customer Service Improve Your Content Marketing? []

CMO Perspectives favourite, Jay Baer, has published a great piece this month on Medium. He talks about how to use customer service to make great content marketing. He bases the advice in the piece on his new book, which we highly recommend, called "Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers."

What Customer Experience Is NOT []

Even we can't help smiling when you read the introduction to this piece by Jeannie Walters. It is quite common for articles these days to tout customer experience as the new marketing, or trend in business, or customer advantage, or user interface, among others. But Jeannie says it's just NOT! Click on the link to find out why.

Today’s Most Successful Customer-Driven Marketers Are Also Revenue-Obsessed []

James Thomas, CMO at Allocadia, guest blogs on the IBM corporate blog on the topic of the key to successful customer driven marketing. His philosophy, which he claims is in complete alignment with IBM’s vision, is that in order for marketers to be successful today, they need to think about both the art and the science of marketing. In other words, customer-driven marketers also need to be revenue-obsessed.

Some Practical Advice for Aspiring Tech CMOs []

Wow it is not often in CMO Perspectives that we feature an article that we love and feel torn about in equal measure. This piece by Tom Wentworth, currently CMO at RapidMiner and formerly CMO at Acquia, has so much good and practical advice for aspiring tech CMOs. HOWEVER!! How does a seasoned tech CMO professional write an almost 2,000 word piece of advice about lessons he has learned and only ONCE use the word customers. With excellent advice on hiring the right talent, measuring your ROI, and the only mention of customers is buried under the headline of getting the messaging right. It's no wonder that so much of recent research shows that although most CMOs admit customer experience is the most important factor, many still aren't delivering.​

Developing An Emotional Connection With Customers: Insight From HP's CMO, Antonio Lucio []

What better way to learn how to deliver great customer experience, than from the people who are doing it well and have insights to share with us. Therefore, thanks goes to Kimberly Whitler, who interviews Antonio Lucio, HPs CMO, on the lessons that he has learned and how HP are getting customer experience right. This was fascinating and we highly recommend reading it.


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