Reinventing Digital Marketing and More | CMO Perspectives (2nd August, 2016)

In this week’s bumper summer edition of our CMO Perspectives blog Andrew Hausegger [] asks what does the CMO of 2017 look like; Kimberlee Morrison [] summarizes a report on social customer service; presents the results of a survey on which emerging technologies will have the biggest impact on the CX; Tim Nudd for finds out from Twitter’s CMO why their growth is stunted and what they are doing about it; The great Timothy Hughes gives his top tips in a social selling Q&A with CEO of Onalytica, Tim Williams; Mike Sands for talks about people-based marketing; We discover Yaagneshwaran Ganesh writing for on making IoT and social sync; and finally @Tiffani Bova is our Tweet of the Week. Enjoy!​

Consumers Expect More From Social Customer Service (Report) []
According to a new report, from Conversocial, it’s time for businesses to be proactive and meet customers where they are. Kimberlee Morrison gives a concise summary of this report in her blog post, noting that customer expectations have changed in recent years. She says, "Despite the evidence that social is not the best way to get customer service, consumers still turn to social channels to communicate with brands. However, the time of dismissing their concerns and directing them to a phone number has passed."

What does the CMO of 2017 look like? []
So what does the CMO of 2017 look like? Andrew Hausegger explores the traits that make up the modern CMO in the wake of the closing of nominations for this year's Australian CMO50 list. Number one trait is not surprisingly to be a customer champion. Followed in second place by being; a technology enthusiast; value obsessed; aligned with sales; habitual innovator; future focused; transparent and open; and finally lead from within. Do you think you have all those traits and is there something Andrew missed out?

Survey of CMOs: Which Emerging Technology Will Transform the Customer Experience? []
Before you know it summer will be over and it will be time to start planning those 2017 budgets and reflecting on 2016. No doubt a very big part of that will be looking at what technology you will need for next year, but not having it now may also impact your ability to succeed. Why? BIG DATA. According to this Ayaz Nanji summary of a recent report by CMO Council and SAP Hybris, some 61% of senior marketers surveyed say Big Data engagements and intelligence (smart recommendations, next best actions, etc.) will have one of the the biggest impacts of any emerging technology on the customer experience and their organization overall. In our books that means you better be analyzing those customer insights and applying them to your marketing strategy. Good thing we are here to help.

Twitter's CMO Explains Today's Brand Refresh and the New 'See What's Happening' Ads []
While the industry is still touting that Twitter is a failing platform, Twitter's CMO explains in this interview with Tim Nudd, why that is not the case. The main problem is that even though Twitter has been around for more than a decade - non-users still have no idea what it is for - and in order to keep growing Twitter needs new (non) users. That's why in this interview CMO, Leslie Berland, explains a new ad campaign designed to explain, once and for all, why those nonusers—who are obviously key to the company's growth should start using it. Personally we couldn't live without Twitter and when it comes to customer service, there is no doubt that it is still a largely unexplored platform that has huge potential for both the enterprise and the consumer. This is interesting stuff.

Video: Social Selling Q&A with @Timothy_Hughes []
This is not the first time we have featured Timothy Hughes in our CMO Perspectives blog. He is an expert on social selling, meaning, how to use social media to successfully sell to your target audience. In this LinkedIn pulse piece he refers to a two part video interview with CEO of Onalytica, Tim Williams where Williams asks Hughes to answer some very poignant questions about social selling and to show you how you can affect your bottom line. Great stuff!

5 Reasons People-Based Marketing Will Turn Fed-Up Consumers into Brand-Loyal Fans []
Mike Sands gives 5 reasons why people-based marketing will turn fed-up consumers into brand-loyal fans. He says that it's time to move beyond "people-based marketing" as a catchphrase and jump on board and how to use people-based marketing to help brands connect with people and create more relevant messages. According to Sands it’s actually harder than ever to understand customers and their complex decision journeys. Marketers find themselves amid a proliferation of touch points and a tangle of disparate technology platforms and customer identifiers. The majority of marketers don’t have a single view of their customers across channels, and only 20 percent say they use cross-channel data and attribution to evaluate marketing. That’s exactly why we are here to help.

Getting IoT and Social Media Marketing in Sync []
Oooh oooh ooooooooh! Look what we stumbled across this week, According to his "about me" on his website, Ron is a profit-driven marketer from Tel-Aviv, Israel. He specializes in digital B2B marketing funnels & influence marketing campaigns and is also a content marketing strategist @dapulse, a project management solution for startups. But most importantly, he has some amazingly good blogs on his site including this one by guest blogger Yaagneshwaran Ganesh, author of "Is your marketing in sync or sinking?" Ganesh writes about how to get your IoT and social media marketing in Sync.

Our TWEET OF THE WEEK this week is from @Tiffani_Bova. She rightly tweets that customer satisfaction is overtaking acquisition as a top marketing priority. Exactly!


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