Reinventing Digital Marketing and more | CMO Perspectives

Reinventing Digital Marketing and more | CMO Perspectives

What is the future of the CMO? [], and how can you design the ideal customer brand experience? [], are just two questions we seeks answers to, in this week’s CMO Perspectives. We also share with you top 10 tips for providing the absolute best customer service on Twitter by Make sure you join the discussion and tweet us your favourite content to appear in our next CMO Perspectives. Enjoy!

The CMO of the Future []

What better way to kick off this week's CMO Perspectives than a piece on the future of the CMO by Eric Krell. However you define the current role of the CMO, technology and industry changes are affecting how the role is played. Already CMOs are more accountable for revenue and in the last 6 months more and more articles are popping up about the role of the CMO owning the customer experience. Krell lays it all out in this piece, we highly recommend you check it out.

10 Tips to Provide the Absolute Best Twitter Customer Service []

Did you know that according to this Sprout Social article:

  • 67% of consumers have used a company’s social media site for servicing.
  • 33% of users prefer to contact brands through social media rather than by phone.
  • Social customer care costs an average of $1 per interaction, compared to $6 per phone call and $2.50-$5.00 per email.
  • 45% of customers share negative reviews on social media, while only 30% share positive reviews.
  • 67% of companies believe social customer service is the most pressing short-term priority for contact centers.

Basically what we are saying is that social media is important, very important, and some platforms more than others. It will depend on your customers and where they hang out. Whether on Facebook or Twitter, you must have a policy in place and the tools for dealing with customer service through social channels. We liked the advice that Dominique Jackson gives in this great piece titled, "10 Tips to Provide the Absolute Best Twitter Customer Service." Use it!

Why the little things matter. A case for personalisation in creating great Customer Experiences []

Before we get into the beef of this piece we want to give a shoutout to Medium, the new open blogging platform. If you haven't heard of Medium you must have your head buried, but we believe it is going to completely disrupt the thought-leadership publishing space. We expect to highlight more and more new-name thought-leaders publishing on Medium in the coming year. So now, to this piece by Shayne Herriott, on why the little things matter. Obviously Shayne loves his coffee, but it's his example of how one coffee shop's small act of personalisation had him going back again, even once he had made up his mind to try somewhere else next time, that really sets the tone for this piece. As he says, personalisation and customer experience are the key differentiator for customers. Much more than price, convenience or even quality and that’s food for thought!

Most Marketers Can’t Predict The Customer Journey And Admit They Aren’t Maximizing Revenue []

According to a new study, released today by the CMO Council and conducted in partnership with Pegasystems, it appears that most marketers aren't leveraging the overabundance of data at their fingertips. In fact the Council report titled, “Predicting Routes to Revenue,” states that only 5 percent of marketers say they have mastered the ability to adapt and predict the customer journey and truly understand which actions will derive maximum value. The findings are grim and according to the rest of this summary by Stewart Rogers, only getting worse. It is worth reading the whole summary, but don't forget that NICE can help you, we have a complete suite of data analytics solitions, here, to help you understand and make sense of your customer data so you don't get stuck in that 5% of marketers who don't know how to get value from your customers' journeys.

6 Keys For Designing Customer Brand Experiences []

The key to deciding the type of experience a business should be delivering to its customers is not about what the brand wants to deliver, it’s about what the consumer remembers. So what are Mark Di Somma's 6 keys for designing customer brand experiences? Apparently knowing the answers to these 6 questions;

  1. What do we most want them to remember us for overall?
  2. How much time do they have? And therefore what do we want them to remember us for on this occasion?
  3. What do they most want to know?
  4. What do they most want to do?
  5. How do we include a surprise element that reinforces the brand?
  6. How easy can we make this experience (given the time they have)?


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