Reinventing Digital Marketing and More | CMO Perspectives (17th May, 2016)

Reinventing Digital Marketing and More | CMO Perspectives (17th May, 2016)

As marketers we face daily challenges; how to get CX right for the multidevice consumer []; how B2B companies can focus on CX and not their brand []; Are you really listening to your customers or do you just think you are []. It’s never ending, but thank goodness we have brilliant content publishing sites and thought leaders, like Mindi Chahal [] and Josh Steimle [], to help us through this mire. This and more in this week’s CMO Perspectives. Enjoy!

Gartner: Cross-Device ID Dilemma Is Hindering Great Experiences [], media partners for the coming Gartner Digital Marketing Conference, recently interviewed Kirsten Newbold-Knipp a research director at Gartner, about multidevice content consumption. Her areas of expertise are in marketing as it relates to three technologies: augmented reality, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things. It's not hugely surprising that she thinks the main challenge for marketers is how to identify people across devices to deliver a great, consistent experience. You should check out our Omni-Channel solutions to help you with your multidevice consumers.

Why Doesn’t B2B Content Marketing Focus on Customer Experience? []

“People don't care about your B2B brand,” says Kyle Harper. Ouch! But he is probably right, and although we are also guilty of forgetting this some of the time, when it comes to our social media marketing, it's still a good thing to be thinking when planning your campaigns moving forward. As Harper says, "Ultimately, businesses are moved by the people that make them up, and those people are who your company needs to be marketing to." Check out our current Real-Time Authentication campaign running now across our social media channels, we think this is what Harper is talking about *insert pat on back.*

Research: Marketers Overestimating How Well They Listen To Customers [] features results from research recently conducted by on Voice of Customer (VoC). looked at one innovative company that prides itself on having achieved high levels of customer personalization due to significant investments in technology, algorithms, and analysts. But the company was shocked when findings from the interviews uncovered that people were unsatisfied with the personalization, referring to it as “old-fashioned” and “not smart.” You must read this piece highlighting some of the insights that came out of the research. Interestingly we also just conducted research of 27 NICE VoC customers in the areas of Finance, Telecoms, Healthcare and Retail. Read Robert Zoch's blog on the findings of our own VoC research.

Brand strategy, data and customer experience are marketers’ new priorities []

Mindi Chahal talks in this fascinating piece about how recent Marketing Week research shows that customer experience, data and brand strategy have gained in importance while advertising has become less of a day-to-day priority. The role of a marketer today is as much about strategy, data and business development as it is about advertising and communications, but while the remit of the job has expanded and the methods used may be different, Chahal asks if the core purpose and function of the discipline has shifted.

Fortune 500 Companies with CMOs Outperformed Those Without In 2015 []

It's by no means scientific, but it is really really interesting. We are talking about Josh Steimle's conclusion that Fortune 500 Companies with CMOs outperformed those without, in 2015. As part of his research to create a list (featured at the bottom of the linked article) of all the Fortune 500 CMOs, he was able to ascertain which companies had a CMO and which ones didn’t. Fortune 500 companies have to report their revenues publicly so getting that data for 2014 and 2015 was simple, and from there, Josh asked this question to analyze the data, "Did companies with a CMO move up or down on the Fortune 500 from 2014 to 2015?" Read the full article to see what he found.

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