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Reinventing Digital Marketing and More | CMO Perspectives (16th Feb, 2016)

Thank goodness we have brilliant industry experts on hand like Jeanne Bliss to help us ponder whether the CMO can be the CCO []? Also, is CX the hot new thing in marketing []? Is Digital Customer Service becoming a fully realized marketing channel []? Why is employee engage​ment foundational to customer engagement []. All these questions and more answered in this week’s newly retitled, “Reinventing Digital Marketing and More – CMO Perspectives” blog. Enjoy!

Digital Customer Service is Becoming a Fully Realized ​Marketing Channel []

Once apon a time if you had a question or problem with a product you might want to buy or had already bought. You'd walk into a physical store, present your need and then get a response to that inquiry or exchange and leave. But as we all know changes in marketing technology are now helping customer service evolve into the online equivalent of a bartender who knows just what you want to drink, as you sit down, before you say a word. In this great piece, Barry Levine talks about how predictive analytics, self-service knowledge bases and personalization are turning the reactive interaction into a marketing opportunity.

Why Employee Engagement is Foundational to Customer Engagement? [Digitalbusinessblog.Com]

In this Think about this for a minute is it likely that an employee who hates their job or who is disengaged from what they do will create a great customer experience? No! So how do you create great employee engagement and what are the 5 factors that will ruin your efforts? Read on for a short, but oh so sweet, piece by Michael Wilson, looking at how employee engagement is foundational to customer engagement.

Marketers Are Changing Their Approach to Measuring Customer Experience []

The facts are in: A recent CMO Council study finds marketers are finally cracking 'campaign brain.' This new study shows how marketers are changing their approach to measuring the customer experience. Now, the top metrics being used to measure experience are tied to real business outcomes, not clicks or views, according to a study being released today by the CMO Council. The report, "Making Personalization Possible," was based on a study of 179 b-to-c and b-to-b marketers. It was conducted by the CMO Council and Microsoft. Read Kate Maddox's review of this report, there are some interesting insights here for you.

Why Customer Experience is the Hot New Thing in Marketing []

Whilst everyone tries to outdo each other on wither product, technology, advertising or price. Pam Neely says, although old-fashioned, why not try being good to your customers. Really, really good, like from the first time they encounter you to years after they’ve become your loyal, return customer. Sounds like very sound advice! 

Can the CMO also be the CCO? []

Jeanne Bliss recently got back from speaking at a conference where she met with many CMOs of the worlds’ largest companies. Customer experience is a priority to all. The question they discussed was; could the discipline and competencies required to lead a company through a customer experience transformation be led from marketing, by the CMO? In other words, can the CMO also be the CCO? Her answer is “YES...” But there is an "However," read on to see what Jeanne has to say about the role of CMO vs CCO, and how they can co-exist. Oh and check out some of the conversation around this topic now on Twitter:

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