Reinventing Digital Marketing and More | CMO Perspectives (16th August, 2016)

Reinventing Digital Marketing and More | CMO Perspectives (16th August, 2016)

Who’s who and what’s what when it comes to being a CMO in the industry. This week in CMO Perspectives we share with you a piece from Jim Yu via on SEO and the CMO; Kimberly A. Whitler interviewing the great Margaret Molloy on the increasing influence of B2B marketers; Onalytica’s Joe fields compiled list of 100 top influencers and brands; Daniel Matthews writing for on 5 ways to rock experiential marketing; Mikes Sands [] with 3 trends customer-centric CMOs must prepare for now; And finally, Our tweet of the week from @ThomasBarta, tweeting about gated content from the very funny, and much loved by this blog, @Tomfishburne. Enjoy!

SEO and the CMO: Communication and board room metrics that matter []
Jim Yu writes, "Securing investment for SEO is a tough challenge, especially when CMOs don't fully understand the value of this channel. Columnist Jim Yu explains how SEOs can translate the data they track internally into metrics that matter to the C-suite." We just love it when we find brilliant pieces that we can use to justify our need for more budget .

The Rapidly Increasing Influence Of B2B Marketers []
Kimberley A. Whitler has recently interviewed several CMOs (see full list of CMO influencers). One thing she's noticed is that the role of the B2B CMO has changed drastically over the past decade. In many firms, sales historically ruled the roost as they owned customer understanding, relationship development, and the process to drive superior outcomes. However, technology-enabled consumer insight has become the great equalizer, enabling CMOs and marketers to play a more important role in generating sales. To better understand the increasing influence of marketers in B2B firms, Whitler interviews Margaret Molloy, Global CMO and Head of Business Development at global brand strategy, design and experience firm Siegel+Gale. Here are Molloy's insights regarding the changing landscape for B2B marketers.

[Is it just us or does this graphic look a little like the way to a digital marketer’s heart is through his connections?]

Digital Marketing 2016: Top 100 Influencers and Brands []
Tis' the season to fill the online space with lists of influencers you should be following and engaging with. While we may jest, this list published by Joe Fields from Onalytica is one of the best we have seen because it includes many CMO Perspectives favorites like, Jeff Bullas, Mos'z Rand Fishkin, Augie Ray, Jeff Sheehan, Jay Baer and many many more. Seriously, there are just too many to list them all. Make sure you follow and engage with everyone on this Digital Marketing 2016: Top 100 Influencers and Brands list. Thanks Joe and Onlytica for putting it together for us.

5 Ways to Rock Experiential Marketing With Digital Campaigns []
Daniel Matthews writing for shares these, "5 Ways To Rock Experiential Marketing With Digital Campaigns." But what is an experiential marketing campaign. Matthews explains it as, "Experiential Learning Theory says that people learn from an experience through either becoming a part of it or analyzing it. By presenting someone with an experience, you’re giving them a choice. They must choose to participate or reflect. Their learning style determines their choice." They are:

  1. Be visually appealing
  2. Market the Event
  3. Get Interactive
  4. Think Differently
  5. Use technology

3 digital marketing trends the customer-centric CMO must prepare for now []
Rather than fearing the rapid changes afoot in digital marketing, columnist Mike Sands urges you to embrace them as opportunities. Find out how to position yourself to take advantage of these powerful trends. Here Sands shares his 3 digital marketing trends that the customer-centric CMO must prepare for now.


Our CMO Tweet of the Week comes to you from Thomas Barta @ThomasBarta, tweeting about gated content from the very funny, and much loved by this blog, @Tomfishburne. Though shalt not pass!


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