Reinventing Digital Marketing and More | CMO Perspectives (15th November, 2017)

Get your marketing strategy ready for the new year embracing social media, being ready for AI and getting your budgets in order. That’s right, it’s the end of 2017, get ready for 2018 time with the pieces we feature in CMO Perspectives this week. Enjoy!

Are CMOs Outspending CIOs on tech? []

By Rob Waugh

A 2012 prediction come true: technology now makes the job of a CMO much more complex. IT is taking up a significantly bigger cut in company revenue due to customers expecting a much higher quality experience. Read more about how tech is impacting the CMOs job HERE

  • “In 2012, technology research business Gartner said that chiefmarketing officers (CMOs) would spend more on tech than chief information officers (CIOs) by 2017, driven by the demands of digital commerce.
  • The prediction already seems close to coming true. Gartner’s figures show that CMOs allocated 3.24pc of total company revenue to technology spending in 2016 – very close to the 3.4pc of revenue CIOs earmark for IT.” MORE
Why Time is Killing Your Marketing Efforts []
By Ross Quintana

In a real-life and engaging piece, Ross Quintana proves why time is not the key factor in successful marketing. In fact, here he conclusively shows that data is the future of marketing, and how to take advantage of it.

  • “Here we are working away creating content in hopes it will be amazing and targeted, data-driven, and polished on the latest greatest platform gaining attention and converting leads… Problem is for many it is a waste of time. Watch out Debbie downer, not really but I am a marketing analyst and because of that I have a tough story to tell. Your smart and hard effort and all the talents that go into them are being wasted because timing is killing your efforts. Let me explain..” MORE
How AI is Impacting Content Marketing How AI is Impacting Content Marketing []

By Lin Pophal

The use of AI has certainly shaken the marketing world. In this informative article, Lin Pophal shows how AI and machine learning is not something to fear, but something to embrace. For now, they are only supporting human input rather than replacing it.

  • “While there are plenty of dire-sounding discussions taking place these days around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning—and their potential to disrupt the world as we know it—this isn’t technology of the future. It’s already gaining traction across multiple industries and professions, including with content creators. New technologies are promising to upend the traditional ways in which content is conceived, produced, and disseminated. Examples already exist. 20th Century Fox used IBM Watson to create a trailer for Morgan. A Copyblogger article from as far back as 2015 noted that both Forbes and the Associated Press were producing machine-generated content.” MORE

10 Ways AI Is Going to Rule Lead Generation in The Near Future []

By Neil Patel

With 10 clear and concise reasons, Neil Patel unquestionably cements the future of AI in the business and marketing world. Here he shows where AI has been successfully implemented, and where humans are still preferable.

  • “For years, humans feared the robot uprising. Movies like "I, Robot” with Will Smith made us tremble at the thought of creating AI that was too smart for its britches.As the story goes, the robots will become smarter, faster, and stronger than us. And will eventually rule the world.The story is a little horrifying.But it’s not entirely out of the question.The fact is, we are in the midst of a bit of a robot uprising right now, and it’s only gaining momentum.”MORE
4 Social Media Trends You Need to Know About for Next Year []

By Jonathan long

Chatbots, mobile-marketing and platform differences: in this piece Jonathan Long instructs how to use these top social media trends to influence consumers. By understanding the data and mastering these strategies, businesses will see a huge uptick in engagement from their target demographics in the new year.

  • “The end of the year is quickly approaching -- the holiday season is right around the corner and 2018 is just a few months away. Social media gives your brand an incredible opportunity to attract attention to your brand, provided you do it right. You either take full advantage of the opportunity or your competitors will.” MORE
Beyond Digital And What Many CMOs Should Be Considering Putting Into Their 2018 Strategic Plan []

By Adrian Swinscoe

In a piece designed to showcase the lack of proper marketing targeted to the over 50’s crowd, Adrian Swinscoe proves that there is value in taking a moment to stop and think about how to reach this demographic, and how to integrate this goal into your 2018 marketing plan.

  • “Last year I wrote a piece called 3 Customer Groups That Are Being Overlooked In The Customer Experience Whirlwind. In it I ventured that there were a number of different groups of customers (The Rich Elders, The Private and The Quick) that weren’t getting a lot of attention.

    One of those groups, The Rich Elders, came into focus again for me recently in a conversation with Bruce Fielding, founder of Sterling.Agency, an agency that focuses on helping brands engage with over 50’s.MORE