Reinventing Digital Marketing and More | CMO Perspectives (15th June, 2017)

Reinventing Digital Marketing and More | CMO Perspectives (15th June, 2017)

Last week we did a special edition CX Buzz blog on how chatbots, AI and RPA are changing the face of customer service. This week, we stick to the theme and have a look at some amazing articles from @Forbes, @CMO_Com (2 in fact), and @CMSwire, on how these revolutionary technologies are going to affect the future of marketing and sales. ENJOY!

Ten Ways Big Data is Revolutionizing Marketing and Sales []
By Louis Columbus
Louis Columbus looks at 10 ways big data is revolutionizing marketing and sales and gives us a overview of which solutions are delivering results today.

  • Customer Analytics (48%), Operational Analytics (21%), Fraud and Compliance (12%) New Product & Service Innovation (10%) & Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization (10%) are among the most popular big data use cases in sales and marketing.
  • Customer Value Analytics (CVA) based on Big Data is making it possible for leading marketers to deliver consistent omnichannel customer experiences across all channels.

AMAZING Infographic from Rocketfuel showing that big data + Marketing = results! You cannot argue with the facts. See full Infographic

8 Things You Need to Know About AI in Marketing Right Now [CMO.Com.Au]
By Nadia Cameron talk to industry pundits, martech vendors and strategic providers to find out how artificial intelligence is already being deployed in marketing and how you can prepare to take advantage of it.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is THE buzzword of 2017, and is quickly reaching the dizzying heights of 'cloud computing' and 'big data'. And like the game-changing technologies that have preceded it, AI's implications on marketing are extensive. MORE 

Buzzwords buzzwords buzzwords, we are surrounded by them, but are they meaningless? Nexidia's David Adams breaks down some of the most popular business intelligence buzzwords and makes it easy for you to get a grasp on the difference between them, and what each of them means /engage/blog/AI-Neural-Networks-and-AnalyticsOh-My-2240

Where Does AI Fit in Your Marketing Strategy? []
By Anita Brearton

  • Digital transformation is a never-ending process. As soon as you've integrated the latest device or marketing trend into your strategy, the next one appears on the horizon.
  • Many companies allocate a percentage of their marketing spend for testing new technologies and programs, integrating those that prove beneficial into the mainstream marketing plan and sending those that don't to the "Trash Stack." MORE

Get Ready for the Era of Post-Modern Marketing [Thedrum.Com]
By David Bernstein

  • Over the past few years, marketing has been dominated by technology, with companies using highly granular, data-driven segmentation to target prospects and customers. While technology will continue to play a vital role in marketing, there will be a greater emphasis on creating powerful and emotive experiences for buyers going forward.
  • Speaking at The Drum's Future of Marketing event, Tom Stein, Chairman, Stein IAS, said that marketing was entering a new and exciting phase in its development. Terming this style of marketing post-modern, Stein said that marketing in the future would be an intoxicating fusion of science and art. MORE

Why It's Time to Start Planning Your Marketing Around Machines []
By Nadia Cameron
The team at We Are Social investigate the pervasiveness of algorithms on culture and business and look at the implications on brand strategy.

  • Algorithms have taken over who we connect to, what we buy, where we go, how much we earn and even who we marry. And marketers who don't start hatching a plan for how they're going to tap this new phenomenon are at risk of giving competitors an unassailable advantage, according to We Are Social.
  • Speaking at the Vivid Festival in a talk entitled 'Marketing to the Machines: Why Algorithms Will Define the Future of Everything', We Are Social's global consultant, Simon Kemp, and Australian MD, Suzie Shaw, investigated the pervasive nature of algorithms, and how they are already starting to change the nature of marketing and brand engagement. MORE

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