Reinventing Digital Marketing and More | CMO Perspectives (15th July, 2016)

Interesting stuff in this week’s CMO Perspectives with a look at new insights from a study conducted by Forrester Research that claims that 2/3 of CMOs are now taking complete ownership of the CX. We featured two pieces about this new report, one from and another by Laurie Sullivan at; We also share a fascinating piece by Dave Helzinger on the emergence of conversational UX; A piece by Steve Olenski for on whether or not most CMOs are wrong about CX; And don’t miss our Tweet of The Week from @AMA_Marketing, it’s a good one. Enjoy!

New Forrester Study Claims 2/3 of CMOs are Now Taking Complete Ownership of the CX
This week Forrester released a new study that says CMOs are now gradually taking complete ownership of the customer experience. In fact 75 percent of those surveyed were confident or very confident in their teams ability to meet annual business objectives. That is good news indeed. Fortunately for you and for us, and Laurie Sullivan from have already summarised the report, both including insights fom Sheryl Pattek, VP, CMO Executive Partner at Forrester. Check them out:
CMOs Take Responsibility For Customer Experience []
CMOs taking control of customer experience, research reveals []

How Conversational UX And The Internet Of Things Are Changing The Way We Communicate []
Dave Helzinger, VP of marketing communications at Flok talks about how the way we interact with digital devices is changing. He says, "The next time you yell at your TV, it might just talk back." This conversational user experience he says, denotes dialogue-based interaction - either spoken or written - using an electronic device. Helzinger experiences firsthand how conversational UX and artificial intelligence are now helping local businesses and franchises, every day. He says that even the most "old school" business - like your dry cleaners or local pub - may benefit. This is interesting stuff. While you are reading this over on Forbes, check out another Forbes piece by our very own Yohai West on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help with customer interaction analytics.

Are Three Quarters of CMOs Wrong About Customer Experience? []
Well are they? Steve Olenski asks this interesting question on the Oracle Marketing Cloud blog based on the results of a survey by Marketing Charts where 170 senior marketing leaders were asked to choose the most important attributes of the customer experience. Olenski says that the results are good, but in a world where consumers are more demanding and have become more unforgiving of a poor customer experience and expect interactions on their desktop and mobile devices to be responsive, intuitive, and easy to use. More emphasis should have been put on the multi-channel CX than the results of the survey showed, leading him to the conclusion that yes, three quarters of CMOs are wrong about CX. What do you think?

The Key to Successful Advertising Is Empathy -- Which Comes From Data []
According to this very interesting piece by Alia Lamborghini, writing for empathy comes from data. But what does she mean? She says that, "When we leverage data to provide consumers with more relevant ads, whether diapers for parents or running shoes for marathoners, we are directly reducing viewership frustrations. Viewers no longer have to see the same ad multiple times, or wait for what feels like an eternity for a page to load. Advertisers no longer have to blanket a full age/gender demographic in hopes of reaching their desired audience. And publishers are rewarded with higher CPMs and reduced ad clutter for building high-value audiences on viewability-optimized pages. It's a win for the brand, consumer and publisher." None of this of course is possible without accurate data and the ability to analyse it and understand it properly.

This week’s TWEET OF THE WEEK comes from @AMA_Marketing quoting @AnastasiaKhoo from @HRC – I think we would say, “We’re in the business of changing hearts and minds. We are marketers!”


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