Only RPA can provide 100% accuracy

An interesting thing happen when Microsoft used AI (Artificial Intelligence) to run their chat forum and letting their teen girl bot answer the forum. Apparently accuracy is critical and cannot be achieved with AI.​

Similarly with Robotic Automation, just like is stated in this blog post published by, titled, "ROA and AI the same but different." Robots will do exactly what you tell them to do, and they will do it exactly the same way again and again and again, which is perfect when you have rules-based processes where compliance and accuracy are critical”.

As you can see from this Microsoft case study, there can be catastrophic implications when you use AI for things that require 100% accuracy, whether it is RPA processes or Non rules-based chat.

For example, think of a money transfer process. Assume that something doesn’t work as expected, would you like your robot to fix the problem on its own and transfer the money based on similar cases in the past? It might get it right, but there is no 100% guarantee.

There is a great lesson to be learned that you cannot use AI in places where there are no rules and accuracy is critical.

The bottom line is that RPA and AI are two totally different solutions solving different business needs. With RPA it's simple really, if you want compliant, repeatable processes, and can feed the robots with structured data, then why complicate and confuse matters by introducing AI?

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