NUG Open up to a New Chapter

NUG Open up to a New Chapter

Collective Experience

The NICE User Group is a big place, with nearly 11,000 members spread across the globe. Chapters bring the community closer together by providing avenues for members to cultivate closer connections, either in a virtual or face-to-face setting.  User group meetings provide a collaborative atmosphere where everyone wants to share ideas.

In Europe, virtual chapters were launched early this year, formed for specific product groups – workforce management, quality management, automation, recording and analytics.  NICE business consultants champion these chapters, regularly providing engaging content from a bi-weekly to a quarterly basis, resulting in a steady increase in chapter member numbers since the launch.

Learn About New Product Releases and More!

Globally, virtual product chapters for performance management and recording offer a unique way for users to leverage their NICE investment.  The NPM chapter, led by Cristele Richins of GM, meets quarterly.  Past webinars have featured the GM NPM story as well as NICE subject matter experts sharing solution tips and tricks.  

The recording chapter, led by Kevin Hughes of Progressive Insurance, rotates NICE and client speakers on a bi-monthly basis.  Past speakers hailed from Webhelp, TTEC and Progressive Insurance.  Consider joining the February 7 meeting as Todd Gould of Fiserv shares his company's upgrade story.

Network with Local Users

Geographic chapter meetings take place at client hosted locations.  A typical meeting takes place over the lunch hour and involves a short presentation, networking and best practice sharing, and a complimentary lunch.  First quarter meetings are scheduled in Columbus, Austin, Dallas and Washington DC.  Email me directly for details.

How to Join a Group

Visit the NUG chapter tab for a list of established chapters.  If there's not one in your neighborhood or for your area of interest, email me or a member of the NUG board to get one started.  The collaborative nature of these meetings breeds quick and lasting relationships and the benefits of this type of collaboration cannot be overstated. You'll get to meet like-minded people who are excited about NICE and its possibilities.

A happy ending awaits!

The Michigan NUG gathered at AAA on November 15 to discuss disaster planning….a timely topic given an early and zealous snowfall!