Not All Complaints are Created Equal

Not All Complaints are Created Equal

Last time, we discussed ways to overcome the pitfalls and challenges of accurately detecting a customer complaint. But we also noted that detection is just the start.

You need to follow through; making sure the complaint is handled correctly all the way to its (hopefully successful) resolution.

Unfortunately, most interaction analytics systems presented as "complaint management" solutions don't actually "manage" anything. Instead, they just try and detect customer complaints.

This can quickly become far more than a public relations issue, as the latest consumer protection regulations require companies to fully resolve customer complaints within 60 days. The only way that can happen is if the entire lifecycle of the complaint is effectively managed.

It's sort of like tracking a package delivery. You can follow the progress from purchase order to door, knowing exactly where your package is along the journey.

After all, just taking the order – or recording the complaint – is hardly going to get the job done. Just ask Jerry Seinfeld.


The NICE Analytics-Driven Complaint Management Suite surely knows how to "take" the complaint, but it also provides all the tools needed to manage it. Just a few examples of how this works are:


  • Interactions identified as a complaint are automatically given a unique ID and a risk score – because not all complaints are created equal. They are then prioritized and sent through the handling queue.


  • A central dashboard, displaying the status and progress of the complaint across the organization. This gives you the ability to make sure the customer issue is handled effectively and to identify the most difficult complaints before they get out of hand.


  • "One click" automated generation of a servicing file eliminates the manual (i.e., time consuming and costly) reconstruction of a servicing file for regulators.


Complaint management comprehensiveness is an expression of our approach to analytics as a driver of end-to-end business solutions.

(So there's no need to pretend to speak with a supervisor….)

As promised, in our next blog post, we'll ratchet up the challenge - predicting and preventing a complaint even before the customer knows they have one.