NICE Nexidia Recognized as a Leader in AI-Fueled Speech Analytics

NICE Nexidia Recognized as a Leader in AI-Fueled Speech Analytics

Nexidia Analytics was recently named a leader in the Forrester New WaveTM: AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Solutions, Q2 2018. Through the process of working with Forrester, it became clear that there is a bias toward the definition of speech analytics as being the singular offering of speech to text transcription. But phonetic level speech analytics is an entirely new way of going about the analysis of speech, and it shouldn’t be disregarded.

Nexidia Analytics offers so much more than just a transcription solution. This is often overlooked because so many assume that speech analytics is always an audio to text transcription exercise. But Nexidia Analytics is able to make use of the phonetic sounds in words as well as speech to text transcription.  

Why is phonetic level analytics valuable?

  • Insights can be searched for and located within low quality mono or stereo audio.
  • Background noise, heavy accents, and dialects are still recognized.
  • Matching of searches at the phoneme level of each word is inherently faster than a word-to-word level match, with greater accuracy.
  • There is no dictionary that needs updating.
  • The speed and scalability of the Neural Phonetic Speech AnalyticsTM allows for 100% of data to be brought in for analysis, offering a true set of values as opposed to a sample.

The key to making this valuable at the outset, however, is by overlaying speech to text transcription with AI-powered engines that cut through big data sets and provide real insight from the beginning without requiring analysts to necessarily know what they are looking for. This is a huge advantage because the analyst probing the data can visualize the most commonly spoken words or phrases, or can build queries at the word level that are then broken down into phonemes by the analysis engine to return faster and more accurate results.

With Nexidia Analytics, speech to text transcription aids the analyst with AI powered discovery and query building, while the actual searching and indexing of data occurs at the phonetic level. The result is greater speed and accuracy, and greatly diminished need to ever reprocess the audio.

Check out a recent video from our customer, Nimble Group, to better understand how our customers are using Nexidia Analytics for their own success.