Meet NEVA – The First Virtual Assistant Robot with a Human Persona

Meet NEVA – The First Virtual Assistant Robot with a Human Persona

Could NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant) with her human persona and friendly smile, forever change the human robot dynamic?

Today, as I stood before the audience at NICE Interactions (dubbed the industry’s largest ever customer experience user event), I knew that what we had just revealed could forever change the face of business and robotics.

As the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market continually evolves and expands, one thing remains constant and continues to dominate news headlines across the globe - the universal and very human fear of the unknown. I believe that as we move into the next technological revolution of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Automation, a major paradigm shift is needed in order to embrace and fulfill the potential of this dynamic era in business and human transformation.

Our unveiling of NEVA, the first ever robotic employee virtual attendant, will no doubt have the potential to shift global market perceptions of the human - robot dynamic. You see, technology is already forming a huge part of our everyday lives, whether we like it or not. It’s happening. Consumers can access AI and cognitive technology from their pockets and as time progresses new technology naturally integrates into everyday life. The same is true for the workplace. Employees are consumers too and many are already familiar with AI and new technology. Just as this technology adds value to their everyday lives, innovations like NEVA, give human employees an opportunity to boost their performance at work and grow their careers.

NEVA is designed with the employee in mind, with the sole purpose of enabling humans to reach their best potential in the workplace. NEVA’s intelligent and human-like interface is driven by cognitive technology ensuring that she is engaged and ready to assist the employee around the clock. She is fully interactive and responsive, meaning that employees can engage with her through speech or text communication. But is does not end here. NEVA can also be triggered at the most intricate and intuitive level via employee desktop actions. She has built-in intelligence to respond to certain mouse clicks or keyboard strokes, automatically taking action to support and guide human employees in real-time. She is always on duty, continually monitoring employee desktop activities, in the background, appearing at the perfect moment, when an employee needs real-time assistance or just the right information. This level of employee support, ultimately enhances human performance thereby significantly improving business performance.

The underlying technology powering NEVA is NICE Desktop Automation, which continues to lead the attended automation market by consistently delivering impressive ROI figures.

NEVA is a powerful example of how we are bringing our Automation for the People vision to life. She is living proof that the road to business success is to bring together man and machine, a natural and intuitive collaboration of human employees and the robotic workforce. Although we have held this vision for a while, what is new, is that with personified robotic software such as NEVA, a virtual personal attendant for each and every individual employee – we have a better chance of building new perceptions through positive employee and customer experiences.

Innovations like NEVA are simply the start of a dynamic and evolving journey towards the attainment of unprecedented levels of business efficiency.

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