Measure the Journey to Manage the Experience

Peter Drucker said it best, "You can't manage what you can't measure."  As customer experience takes precedence as an industry differentiator, it takes no exception to this rule.  To effectively manage the direction of the relationship between customer and brand, measuring the customer experience is essential.   To effectively capture business critical insights to improve the customer experience, measuring the customer journey is just as essential.

From assessing customer pain points to moments of truth, the customer journey delivers an end-to-end, omnichannel approach to evaluating the customer experience.   A recent study by Gartner further highlights the need for measuring at the customer journey by revealing that 81% of marketing leaders responsible for customer experience (CX) say their companies will mostly or completely compete on the basis of CX in two years. Yet only 22% say their CX efforts have exceeded customer expectations.   The customer journey helps to bridge customer experiences with outcomes to help organizations predict and personalize where the customer is going before they even get there. 

Many organizations have taken on this mantra to measure what they want to manage with metrics that evaluates the customer experience on the strength of their relationship with customers as well as the level of service at a specific touchpoint.   The customer journey fills a gap between these two levels that gives cross channel visibility that uncovers the root cause behind interactions that often go unnoticed when only focusing on a single touchpoint.  As shown in a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) report on Nice Nexidia, the ROI behind Customer Journey Analytics helps to prove the necessity of extracting full spectrum business insights from the customer journey to deliver a more seamless customer experience.

The Journey Excellence Score is the latest innovation from NICE Nexidia

NICE Nexidia has recently launched the Journey Excellence Score (JES), the first metric evaluating omnichannel customer experiences.  This new innovative solution is found within NICE's Customer Journey Solutions and affords organizations a consistent means of measuring the quality of customer experience across touchpoints and over time.  The benefits to JES do not stop at simply understanding the current status of the customer-brand relationship.  It also helps to uncover and prioritize where direct efforts to improve customer experience are sorely needed.  This revolutionary new metric also evaluates both past and present journeys to predict the likelihood of a customer journey which may be on its way to an outcome that is not desired. 

It's important to have a complete view of your very own customer journey so that you can manage and create a customer experience within your organization that will delight and exceed the expectations for your customers.