Make Performance Metrics Work Harder

How satisfied are you with your ability to put call center data to work in your day-to-day operations? It’s an important question for every midsized contact center to ask themselves and answer honestly.

Your ACD system can provide you with mountains of unstructured recorded data, but are you applying it effectively to help improve workforce performance, customer satisfaction and the ultimately, your bottom line?

In today’s competitive business landscape, your ability to deliver a superior customer experience becomes a crucial differentiator, whether you have 20 or 500 agents. Add to the challenge an increasingly decentralized contact center team, making it even harder to maintain consistent, quality performance standards across your operations.

For this reason, Performance Management (PM) efforts sit at the crossroads of workforce optimization initiatives and stronger customer experiences. Best-in-class contact centers use PM to analyze and actively apply real-time performance metrics to pinpoint and remedy inefficiencies within their internal operations.

By making these metrics readily available and visible for both supervisors and agents, midsized contact centers can take swift action to correct course and achieve a level of operational agility they only thought possible for their larger enterprise-sized contact center brothers.

Hear more about how you can maximize your own performance metrics from our WFO Evangelist Greg Cummings in this enlightening recorded webinar.