Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (8th April, 2016)

Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (8th April, 2016)

Jammed packed with content, cartoons, quotes, tips and facts, you won’t want to miss this week’s CX Buzz. Featuring Shep Hyken @Hyken as our tweet of the week; with their take on Customer Journey Mapping; talking about companies not taking mobile feedback seriously enough; on CX being more than just Martech; and finally a whole section dedicated to the great Forrester CX Cast podcast series. Enjoy!

Customer Journey Mapping []
This is not the first time we have featured the brilliant Tom Fishburne and his Marketoonist website in CX Buzz. This time he is talking and drawing about customer journey mapping after being inspired by a Harvard Business Review piece on the marketing funnel. As he says, "Even the act of creating a customer journey map for your organization can shift the mindset of an organization around the needs of the actual customer rather than what will lead quickest to a transaction." Agreed!

Salesforce Report Finds Customer Experience Is Key []
The 2016 State of Marketing report claims that customer experience is key. Well we all knew that didn't we? Shirley Siluk has summarised the report in this piece, breaking it down into two key messages. 1. Get best offers to best customers fastest, and 2. Focus on value not volume. As providers of top technical solutions to help you with customer experience, such as our Real-time Guidance and Automation Solution, which will actually help you identify who your best customers are so that you can get those offers to them fastest. We know, as supported by the data in the Salesforce report, that in order to stay ahead, you must not neglect the customer journey and experience or risk falling even farther behind the competition.

Survey: More than half of customers will defect unless their feedback is recognized []
If we told you that 67% of customers who bothered to leave feedback in a mobile app never received a response from the company, you wouldn't believe us, and yet... According to a recent study conducted by Apptentive and Survey Monkey, most companies are failing to utilize their apps for customer insights and rather using them as marketing or e-commerce channels. If you can get a customer to download your app, but then don't listen to them when they try to communicate to you through it, it begs the question, why bother creating a direct communication channel with your customers and not using it to, well... communicate?

Customer Experience: More than Martech []
Last month we stumbled across Scott Brinker's amazing infographic of the Marketing Technology Landscape for 2015. In fact we tweeted about it, see below. Now John Zimmerer from Topdownsystems has given us this very insightful blog post on how customer experience is more than Martech. He says, "CX is made up of all the interactions a prospective or current customer has with a company – every touchpoint through every channel and department throughout the customer’s lifecycle with the brand – from the time they first become aware of the brand to making a purchase to seeking customer service to advocating for the brand and beyond. Therefore, even though marketing departments are very often the chief investors in – and executors of – CX management, the customer experience actually goes well beyond marketing functions."

Forrester’s CX Cast Podcast []
We often listen to the Forrester CX Cast podcast and thought it was high time you did too. Almost every week they update their site with a new podcast and they seem to be better and better each week. Below we have highlighted some of the ones we have recently listened to, but there are many more on the site worth the time. It’s a great way to pass a long commute to work each day and bound to give you fresh ideas when you eventually get to the office to start your day. Enjoy!
  • Episode 37: How To Measure Emotion In Customer Experience (r)
  • Episode 46 The Things That Keep CX Designers Up At Night
  • Episode 47: How Forrester Applies Its Own Customer Experience Research
  • Episode 48: Customer Obsession Is An Employee Engagement Strategy, Too

This week’s CX TWEET OF THE WEEK comes from Shep Hyken @hyken – words to live by.

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