Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (5th May, 2016)

Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (5th May, 2016)

While searching online for the top content for this week’s CX Buzz, we found more than 25 articles published in the last 2 weeks focusing on the customer journey. That’s one helluva reason to start taking your customer journey management seriously. Here are the 6 best ‘Customer Journey’ themed pieces we found this week, including; Rob Daleman from looking at what Annette Franz says about customer journey maps; CX Buzz favourite Denise Lee Yohn [] in a joint webinar with Dom Goodrum; on machine learning and customer journey mapping; Bruce Swann’s [] 3 Pillars of Customer Journey Mapping; And finally, our TWEET OF THE WEEK, from @1to1media. Enjoy!

Top 5 Customer Journey Mapping Mistakes []
In this great 3 part piece and podcast, Rob Daleman looks at the customer journey with a focus on the great Annette Franz's white paper, "Don't Waste Your Time on Customer Journey Maps". Daleman expands on Annette's, “5 Common Mistakes That Many Organizations Make When Performing A Customer Journey Mapping.”

Designing the Customer Journey []
A few weeks Denise Lee Yohn had the opportunity to do a joint webinar with Dom Goodrum, VP Design and Employee Experience, at Percolate. The topic was “Beyond Branding: Designing Brilliant Customer Experiences.” She ended up learning quite a bit from Dom, which is great news for anyone reading this, about designing the customer journey for Percolate’s customers because they seem relevant and useful to all organizations.

How Machine Learning Improves Customer Journey Mapping []
Organizations are transforming from the traditional business model to a customer-centric and personalized offering model, and machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), can help. How you ask? By performing and processing tasks without being explicitly programmed based on the continuous learning. Ankesh Anupam expands on how Machine Learning can improve your customer journey mapping. For a look at what NICE machine learning solutions can help you, see here.

Three Pillars to Unlock the Value of Customer-Journey Management []
Bruce Swann rightly says that predicting the point in time and the place in which your messaging and engagement will make a difference can be challenging to many marketers. But, you can exert control over what, when, and where you meet customers by managing the customer journey. His 3 pillars to unlock the value of customer journey management are; Data, Content and Cross-Channel Delivery. Click on these three pillars to see how NICE solutions can help you with your customer journey management.

For the second week in a row we are highlighting the great @ValaAfshar – this week with this ☺ cartoon from @tomfishburne [] about how NOT to build a customer journey:

Worst Mistakes to Avoid… Mapping the Customer Journey []
You know what they say, always leave the best till last. This piece on "The Worst Mistakes to Avoid When Mapping the Customer Journey," is not just the best because it features NICE’s Helen Cherry. It's the best because if you follow all the advice given by some of the industry’s best experts, then you have no excuse not to get your customer journey mapping 100% right.

Finally, even though we have a tweet above, there were too many good ones not to choose another as our TWEET OF THE WEEK. This week from @1to1media

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