Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (5th August, 2016)

Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (5th August, 2016)

Even though most people are in the throes of summer holidays, still there are some very interesting discussions online about customer experience. This week’s CX Buzz blog includes pieces from on how IT can enhance the CX journey; on CRM as the new CX management; Johan Botha for on the superhero behind the Leatherman tool; Hootesuite sharing the outcome of an expert panel on the importance of social along the CX journey; sharing a Salesforce infographic on CX; Simon Robinson’s new CX definition of Holonomics; and finally our TWEET OF THE WEEK from @Doorman with “99 CX Stats Experts Trust to Improve #CX.” We love it and we hope you do too. Enoy!

How IT Can Enhance the Customer Journey []
CMOS are expected to invest $32 billion in marketing tech by 2018, but many struggle to deliver contextual, personalized experiences to customers in real time. This great slideshare by Dennis McCafferty looks at hour IT can enhance the customer journey can help you face the personalized experiences challenge.

CRM Is Now Customer Experience Management []
Although NICE doesn't have a "CRM" solution, as they are labelled today. This interesting article by Wrik Sen talks about how "CRM" is actually about customer experience management, and for that, there are no better solutions than NICE customer journey solutions. In an exclusive interview with CXO Today, Suman Reddy gives insights into how CRM is a different evolutionary ball-game altogether, and how it is increasingly focusing on evolving customer engagement through digital transformation.

Customer Experience with a 25-Year Guarantee? []
Have you met a customer experience superhero? Johan Botha recently met a man who extended his hand to him in a friendly gesture with the words "Hello Johan," and he instinctively knew that he was in the presence of a superhero. He is talking about meeting the legend behind the Leatherman Tool, Timothy S. Leatherman himself. Botha ponders the one thing he is conditioned to ask during his Customer Experience Design strategy sessions: ‘What problem does your product or service solve for your clients?’ “A simple question, and one to which not even well-established businesses always know the answer,” says Botha. He goes on in this piece to surprise us by pointing out that while most people think the Leatherman solves the problem of having a lot of tools accessible at once, actually he thinks Leatherman’s legacy is really about making its clients happy and enabling them to be the SUPERHERO of everyday problems! Do you agree?

Experts Weigh in on the Importance of Social Along the Customer Journey []
On July 21, Hootesuite London hosted their second Hootsuite Social Breakfast of the year at the Ham Yard Hotel right by Piccadilly Circus in London. Not surprising that the “Customer Experience: Driving Success Through Social” seminar was standing-room only as delegates heard from two keynote speakers and a panel of experts. Hosted by Susan Perry, Hootsuite’s director of global marketing, the event uncovered how the customer experience is about more than just customer service. It is the culmination of all experiences the customer has with a brand, starting with when they first discover the product or service. And at the root of this experience lies emotion and personalization. Melanie Dichtl gives a great summary of the key points of this event in her blog post. We wish we could have heard it first-hand.

Customer Experience: [INFOGRAPHIC] Ensuring The Very BEST Customer Experience []
This is a brilliant summary by Halewebdevelopment of the meaning behind the featured Salesforce infographic titled, "Customer Experience: [INFOGRAPHIC] Ensuring The Very BEST Customer Experience." See the full infographic by clicking on the link above.

A Deeper Definition of Customer Experience []
“Holonomics: Business where People and Planet Matter.” That is how author of this piece, Simon Robinson, sells himself. So what is Holonomics and how does it relate to customer experience. In this piece titled, "A Deeper Definition of Customer Experience," Robinson says that it stems from the concept of Customer Experiences of Soul and is based on the philosophy of Holonomics, a term he coined in order to express the essential way in which it is no longer enough for business to have a purpose, it also needs to be in touch with its soul, a soul which collectively expresses itself through each part. Basically an interesting an different way to say your CX has to connect to emotions and humanity. We like!

This week’s TWEET OF THE WEEK comes to you from @Doorman with these “99 Customer Experience Stats Experts Trust to Improve #CX.” We love them.


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