Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (30th January, 2016)

Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (30th January, 2016)

How much do you really know about what your customers think, asks Tony Recine? What are the top 10 tips for exceeding customer expectations, wonders Callcentrehelper? How can you boost sales instantly with customer experience, C Dillstrom asks Jaakko Männistö? How the data is proving the correlation between CX and revenue growth, shows Nicole Elizabeth DeMeré; and so much more, including our brilliant Tweet of the Week from CX Buzz regular @TemkinGroup on emotion in the customer journey. Enjoy!

How much do you really know about what your customers think? [By Tony Recine]

Tony Recine who is SVP and Chief Marketing Officer for Verizon Enterprise Solutions is talking about how we all rely on high-level information in our jobs when it comes to things like customer satisfaction scores, but we need to know when it's important to dig deeper. "A score of four out of five for customer satisfaction could mean that everybody is pretty happy—if the scores were all about the same. But it could also mean that half your customers were ecstatic—five out of five—and half sort of middling—three of five. If you knew which of those scenarios were true, how you reacted would probably be quite different." In this LinkedIn Pulse piece he discusses how you can get better insight into what your customers think. Well worth the read.


Top 10 Tips for Exceeding Customer Expectations []

Surprising a customer by exceeding their expectations is a great way to make sure they'll be back in the future.  In this great piece, Callcentrehelper share ten tips on how call centre staff have gone that extra mile. Tips include number 1. Do one thing really well: Joe Doyle, Marketing Director EMEA at Sitel, who says, "The more sophisticated answers have become the domain of the call centre. Call centres need more skilled agents, more judgement, more wherewithal to solve complex problems quickly – and handle escalation in a valuable way." And number 5. Utilise voice of the customer (VoC) feedback. Good thing we have excellent customer engagement analytics for your call center to help you do just that!


Boost sales instantly with customer experience; customer experience guru tells you how [C Dillstrom]

C Dillstrom who claims to be a lead growth hacker interviews CX guru Jaakko Männistö and asked him some challenging questions about customer experience and what sets him apart from other experts in the world. What stuck out for us in this piece was essentially how important customer feedback is and how Männistö uses it to create better experiences. Our Total Voice of the Customer solution (once called Fizzback), helps you really listen to your customers and get the right feedback and insights from them exactly as described by Männistö in this piece. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this!


How machine learning is ushering in a new age of customer service []

Graham Cooke gives us this fascinating update into the potential AI now offers for the future of customer experience. He says, "Harnessing machine learning allows businesses to revolutionize the way we all engage with their store or use their service. Forget product recommendations as we know them today, this takes us far beyond that, into the realms of much more hyper-personal and sophisticated experiences." This is a space we will all be watching eagerly in 2017 and beyond and we can't wait.


There is a Correlation Between CX and Revenue Growth — and Here's the Data to Back It Up [Nicole Elizabeth DeMeré]

"Our conclusion: superior CX drives superior revenue growth."

– Harley Manning, Forrester

"Customers who had the best past experiences spend 140% more compared to those who had the poorest past experiences"

– Peter Kriss, Harvard Business Review

Two quotes, one simple message. There IS a direct correlation between customer experience and revenue growth and Nicole DeMere has taken the time to write this brilliant blog post on Medium showing you the data that proves it. This is possibly one of the best pieces we have read so-far this year.



Our Tweet of the Week is from the brilliant @Temkingroup who have been delighting people in the industry with this great animated video of the importance of emotion in the customer journey. Something embedded in our emotion detection as part of our speech analytics and ccustomer feedback products.




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