Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (30th December, 2016)

Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (30th December, 2016)


As the world around us became more virtual, unreal and artificially intelligent, Customer Experience and Customer Service continued to be in the limelight in 2016. 

This year we have been privileged to highlight and share some of the most amazing voices and content from CX Buzz favorites such as Annette Franz, Brian Solis, Blake Morgan, Jeanne Bliss, Shep Hyken, Brian Temkin and the brilliant cartoonist Tom Fishburne of Marketoonist fame; spanning across esteemed publications like Business2Community, Convince and Convert, Harvard Bussiness Review, Mycustomer, Forbes and too many more to name them all. Here are three of the best of this year for you to enjoy, but you can read them all here. Happy holidays and see you in 2017 with a new CX Buzz!


CX Buzz from November 11, 2016 

Artificial Intelligence and its effects on customer experience was the focus of our November 11 CX Buzz. While Anthony Ha for Techcrunch reports on new AI customer service changes for Twitter, report on a recent study that four in five customers prefer humans to bots. We look at what influencers, experts and CX Buzz favorites Brian Solis [Lifelanes] and Vala Afshar [Huffingtonpost] have to say about AI and CX. Enjoy!

Our November 11 Tweet of the Week was from Natalie Schneider @nataliehealthcx tweeting about @ValaAfshar's @Huffingtonpost article, "The Next Generation of #CX will be Powered by #AI"




CX Buzz from February 23, 2016

Our February 23 CX Buzz featured five artfully selected articles relevant to both a customer experience, customer service novice and a seasoned professional. Excellent guidelines for beginners were presented in "CX for Smarties, A Beginner's Guide to CX," from The Temkin Group (]; "Tips to Delivering a Wow CX," from Robert Reiss [] reiterates how in today's digitally disruptive world where competitors can emerge and conquer seemingly overnight, arguably the most powerful moat is a wow customer experience.; and CXPert sets out to answer "What Sets the Best CX Companies Apart?" And so much more...


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CX Buzz from March 10, 2016

A  HUGE part of the March 10 edition of CX Buzz was the release of our NICE/BCG Consumer Experience Report 2016 and boy did it create quite a buzz. According to the report social customer service was down 23% and 78% of baby boomers will leave a brand because of a customer service issue. With insights like these, we thought we would dedicate this week's CX Buzz to industry tips and news on how to improve your social customer service and experience. Foremost was the news that @AppleSupport's new customer service initiative from Apple, was featured  in an article by TechCrunch; Angie Pascale said that customers need different things from brands at each stage of their journey and identifies six phases in the process;  GM's use of  social media to improve cars and customer service was the focus of a piece from the Harvard Business Review; and Jay Baer and colleagues at Edison Research released initial data from the newest edition of The Social Habit. The research shows how social media is used, and by whom.

Our Tweet of the Week on March 10 stayed "on topic" and featured @ChristenKardos 14 hilarious CX experiences:   



We hope you have delighted and enjoyed everything we have shared this year in CX Buzz. What is clear, is that none of it would be possible without the constant stream of amazing content put out in our industry. Keep them coming in 2017 and don't forget to respond in the comments or tweet us @NICE_CX with your favorite pieces. Happy New Year and see you next year!