Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (25th May, 2017)

If there is any doubt that the future of the call center, contact center, customer service, or whatever you call it, is technology, then let that doubt go NOW! While searching for topics for this week's CX Buzz one theme dominated more than any other, and that is the use of artificial intelligence for customer service. At our recent Interactions conference, with over 2,000 industry experts and leaders, everything centered around re-inventing customer service and we are sure that technology, AI, chatbots and automation will play a very important role in that re-invention. We at NICE are meeting this challenge with world-leading workforce management solutions and robotic process automation technologies. Check them out below and join our new Linkedin group for RPA experts. Enjoy!

Customer service robots on show in Paris []

Rory Cellan-Jones takes a look at some of the more unusual customer service robots on show at the Innorobo exhibition in Paris. View VIDEO >​

10 steps to build a better customer service chatbot

By Tobias Goebel, Bill Gay, Lisa Michaud, Aspect Software []

So you want to build a chatbot. Great! You’re not alone. Check out this very useful and practical guide to how to build a better customer service chatbot from the amazing Aspect Software team as featured in Venturebeat.

There are already more than 34,000 chatbots on Facebook Messenger alone, and many of these were built by and for brands. They are increasingly able to help customers answer questions and solve issues on their own, as well as taking work off the shoulders of contact center agents. Though you’re not yet too late to the game, you might be asking yourself where to begin.
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Attended and Un-attended Robotic Process Automation

Optimizing your business processes is a continuous practice. There are always more processes to optimize and improve. By identifying current process inefficiencies and handing them over to RPA, you can elevate your business to reach new efficiency levels and introduce an unsurpassed standard of service. Find out more by visiting our Robotic Process Automation ​website.

Chatbots and Customer Service Augment the Future of Banking

By Michael Holloran []

With more than 50 percent of financial services companies working on a chatbot project, mobile banking leaders should be following the latest developments in this technology. Chatbots have officially reached buzzword status in Silicon Valley, as investment is pouring in to create a new generation of AI that can generate its own conversations. Michael Holloran, in this Samsung insights piece, talks about how the buzz around chatbots is affecting the finance and banking industry.

What’s driving the growth? A big step up in performance. What does it mean it all mean for you? It’s never been more important to stay on top of this rapidly changing business and technology development so that innovators and decision-makers can make their business a part of the next generation of banking.
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Enterprise Customer Service is Evolving with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

By Toni De La Torre []

Modern day customer service is being transformed as technology, like artificial intelligence, matures. Toni Holloran for talks about the evolution of enterprise customer service in this new Artificial Intelligence world.

Artificial intelligence is a machine or series of processes capable of “thought” that can learn and execute a task in a similar fashion as a human being. Businesses are increasingly incorporating this sort of technology into their customer care strategy. The use of artificial intelligence offers many benefits to brands. AI can automate responses to common customer queries, decrease agent handle time, decrease the number of general agents, as well as support specialized agents.
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The Rise of Chatbots: AI and the Customer World

By Rebekah Carter []

Rebekkah takes a look at bots and the call center environment in this insightful piece for

Over the years, numerous call centre environments have been searching for new ways that they can reduce the costs of handling calls, while still providing the level of support their customers expect. Automation makes life more convenient for call centres, and that’s why we’ve seen developments in the form of interactive voice response units, or IVR. Although IVR remains something of a staple for self-service in call centres today, it’s not really a popular solution for customers. In fact, it’s often quite frustrating. Some companies have also turned to using FAQs on their websites to help ensure that their customers call them less frequently and mobile apps are attempting to remove the pressure against live agents.
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Building a chatbot’s personality: Why & how

By Abhay Vohra []

Chatbots need to function on a higher level than simply providing information to users or customers, says Abhay Vohra in this piece.

Chatbots are here and their impact on the business landscape is prominently visible. The technical challenges to build a bot and deploy it have been overcome already and the focus has now shifted towards the bot’s behavior. For this, the chatbot needs to project a personality that has all of the endearing and personal qualities of a real person to provide an engaging experience for users.
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