Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (23rd February, 2016)

Whether you’re a customer experience, customer service novice or a seasoned professional, this week’s CX Buzz has the best summarized content in the industry to help you. Featuring, “CX for Smarties, A Beginner’s Guide to CX,” from The Temkin Group []; “Tips to Delivering a Wow CX,” from Robert Reiss []; and CXPert answering the question, “What Sets the Best CX Companies Apart?” And so much more... Enjoy!

CX for Smarties, A Beginner’s Guide to Customer Experience []
For anyone new to a Customer Experience or CX role, this is your ultimate beginner's guide from The Temkin Group. Calling it "CX for Smarties," they say that anyone who cares enough about customer experience to bother reading this post is no dummy. This guide has everything you need, we highly recommend it.

What Experiences Will Ultimately Define ‘Customer Experience’? []
“We’ve all seen the headlines and have heard the predictions: If companies are to succeed in the digital economy, they must focus on the Customer Experience. But, what does that actually mean? What are these so-called ‘experiences’ that brands covet, and (more importantly) how can they be translated into actual, achievable real-life interactions?” Ryan Brady attempts to answer all these questions in what is a very well presented and informative blog post about what experiences with ultimately define 'CX.'

Tips to Delivering a Wow Customer Service Experience []
Quoting Warren Buffet, Robert Reiss, self proclaimed ‘writer for CEOs’ says, "In business, I look for economic castles protected by unbreachable ‘moats.’" He goes on to say that in today’s digitally disruptive world where competitors can emerge and conquer seemingly overnight, arguably the most powerful moat is a wow customer experience. It is that elusive wow experience that Reiss is addressing in this excellent piece titled, "Tips to Delivering a Wow Customer Service Experience."

What Sets the Best Customer Experience Companies Apart []
​Ben Motteram, aka CXPert, has penned (can one say that anymore of a piece published online, we ponder in digression?) this cracking piece on what sets the best customer experience companies apart. He focuses on the companies that have got CX right like Amazon, Apple, and Nordstrom to name a few. Saying that these companies have come so far out ahead of their competitors because they have, first and foremost, created raving fans and by possesing many if not all of a set of these unbeatable qualities. Read the whole piece to see what those qualities you need to strive for, in order to gain brilliance, really are.

5 Metrics Your CFO Can’t Ignore About the Customer Experience []
Are you still struggling to make your upper management, particularly your CFO, support your CX efforts. Fear not, numbers do not lie, and as we know no CFO can resist pure hard facts and percentages. This report by Lisa Waizmann, looks at 5 metrics even your CFO can't ignore about the customer experience. We hope using this can bring you better understanding and support.

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