Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (22nd July, 2016)

Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (22nd July, 2016)

Lots of focus on social customer experience and service and how to win at it, in this week’s CX Buzz, with; Two pieces from; the 10 top customer service Skills infographic from; The Customer Journey in a social media era from; As well as a great advice from on how to deal with a bad customer service conversation; How not to make your customer experience creepy from Which is also the theme of this week’s TWEET OF THE WEEK from Tim Fishuburn @Marketoonist, who is fast becoming our go-to for on-the-mark brilliance when it comes to marketing satire. Enjoy!

Customer Experience Secrets Revealed – 3 Tips to Employ Right Now []
It seems barely a week goes by where we don't feature one or more posts on either of our CMO Perspectives, CX Buzz or our CX Pick of the Day #CXPOTD posts. Means they must be getting it right. Here is another great post from Gary Magenta with three CX secrets revealed. We won't spoil the article for you because it makes for a very interesting read, "Cheers" references and all, suffice to say it all comes down to your ability to empathize with your customers and make an emotional connection. Take a read.

When Social Media Turns Customer Service Nays into Yays []
What were we saying above about Here is another great piece, this time from Katie Cooper on how to turn your social media customer service from nays, into yays. What does that mean? Essentially it's about wooing your customers through prompt and personal customer service – and seeing big boosts in brand loyalty and social media love because of it. Just make sure your teams really understand the idiosyncrasies of each platform and you have a strategy for each platform and a way to monitor mentions because often people complain without properly tagging your company.

The Customer Journey in the Social Media Era []
In a world where the smallest complaint can quickly go viral if posted to social media and become extremely disruptive and potentially cause irreparable damage. Customer Service on social media has become one of the most critical elements of your customer's journey. Jeff Sheehan says that to ensure this never happens to you and that any point of possible conflict is addressed, each and every organization needs to first take an introspective look at themselves and determine how they are positioned during each stage of the journey, from initial prospect to lifetime customer right through how your customers use social media.  A great read!

Top 10 Customer Service Skills: Infographic []

While we are on the theme of killer social customer service, check out this great infographic from Even though publish a little while ago, it still resonates.

How to Deal With a Difficult Customer-Service Conversation []
Famous for its’ click-bait mentality to content, this Noreen Toomey piece on is surprisingly insightful. As she rightly points out, "Tough conversations are generally difficult to initiate and respond to. Whether they occur in personal or professional life, we are hard-wired to act, react and emotionally invest -- and that makes it difficult to know how to resolve conflict. As a result, many people, especially younger or less experienced individuals, struggle here." Follow her very practical advice for how to deal with a difficult customer-service conversation.

Don’t be creepy: how to use customer data without crossing the line []
James Hartwright outlines the importance of staying on the right side of the ‘creepy’ line when using data to provide personalised customer experiences. Saying, "Anyone working with data has a responsibility in the secure and ethical use of the increasing amount of content that individuals generate. When it comes to personalising the customer experience and respecting privacy of information, it is our job to keep on the right side of the ‘creepy’ line. To do that we need to understand what constitutes ‘creepy’ and where the creepy line sits."

The piece above leads us right into our TWEET OF THE WEEK from the genius that is Tom Fishburne @Marketoonist. This tweet doesn't need any fanfare; it speaks for its 'creepy' self :)


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