Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (21st April, 2016)

Our #CX Buzz roundup just gets better and better each week, made possible by the extraordinarily good content our featured authors keep putting out. Don’t miss Kim Niemi on creating memorable CX in; Chris Ward [] with a review of Forrester’s ‘State of Loyalty’ report; Jeanne Bliss on how to say sorry; questioning how to avoid a plague of dumb chatbots; and Stephan Delbos [] on 6 core emotions of CX. Finally our tweet of the week from @Forbes – What’s not to enjoy!

Create Memorable Customer Experiences with These Strategies []
Kim Niemi writes that Salesforce Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist Tiffani Bova's correctly said, "The most disruptive thing in the market is not technology, but rather the customer" - and they are both dead right. It's time for businesses of all sizes to focus on the customer experience if they hope to retain customers and grow their brands. Here are Niemi's five customer experience strategies to move you forward

80% of large companies set loyalty as top priority []
This is a great summary of the recent Forrester ‘State of Loyalty Strategies’ report which found, among many interesting facts and figures, that 80% of decision-makers at large organisations have set customer loyalty as their top marketing priority for the coming 12 months. Check out Chris Ward's post because it may give you some food for thought about your current or non-existent loyalty programmes.

How to Say “Sorry” in Customer Experience Failures []

Saying “sorry” is not admitting defeat. It’s admitting you’re human. Customers like that.

Apologies have to mean something says Jeanne Bliss. Well we are not sorry at all that we just love this piece. Bliss explains simply why saying sorry is important. She also tells you how to deliver a sincere apology because, if you deliver a hollow apology, chances are that you won't fix the problem causing the issue.

How to Prevent a Plague of Dumb Chatbots []
“The best (and least annoying) chatbots will be those that recognize their limitations, and occasionally turn to humans for help.” So says Will Knight in this enlightening and entertaining review of the future of chat bots. While startups around the world are racing to offer tools for speeding the development, management, and “monetization” of these virtual butlers, Knight rightly points out, "computers will still have a hard time understanding human language in all its complexity and subtlety. Some impressive progress is being made, but chatbots are still prone to confusion and misunderstanding." This might be ok for a fun comedy chat with an ex-president, it’s less charming when you’re trying to say, book a flight. Check out our recent article on on exactly this topic and how Chatbots and AI can help in Call Centers

6 Core Emotions in Customer Experience and Why they Matter []
With so many thought leaders constantly pioneering the ways we think about the interactions between customers and companies, at the end of the day, if the customer isn’t in on the conversation, we’re talking in abstraction. Stephan Delbos discusses this idea and how customer experience is emotion plain and simple! Here are his 6 core emotions in CX and why he thinks they matter. It makes a great read! Don't forget that our speech analytics technology can help you identify the emotion in a call with a customer. /engage/customer-analytics.

Our TWEET OF THE WEEK comes from @Forbes – we would be surprised if you are not already following them, but couldn’t resist this tweet because the message is just so bang-on!


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