Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (12th August, 2016)

Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (12th August, 2016)

Plenty of #CX buzz to get your teeth stuck into this week, with; A piece by Eric Rees [] interviewing 6 of the top industry experts on areas that are often overlooked in #CX; who have featured more in our blogs this month than any other publication, with a great customer service case study by Stephan Delbos; Kerry Butters [] with 4 common online customer service mistakes; Natalie Monetta writing for Jay Baer’s on quality interactions and loyal customers; Finally don’t forget out Tweet of the WEEK from Grant Cardone @GrantCardone talking about what makes people successful. Enjoy!

Customer Experience Leaders Discuss Often Overlooked Areas []
You know a piece that has all our CX Buzz favorites including Bob Phibbs, Annette Franz, Jeff Toister, Jeanne Bliss, Marsha Collier and Jeremy Watkin - is going to be something you want to read. Eric Rees doesn’t disappoint in this piece where he interviews the aforementioned 6 industry leaders about CX areas that they believe are often overlooked. “In today’s constantly-connected landscape, a passive customer support team is no longer enough to keep your customer satisfaction numbers where they need to be. While you may need more areas of focus, for those companies striving to provide world-class customer support and overall experience, it’s a necessity. We asked six of the biggest names in the CX industry about areas they often see companies lagging behind in serving their customers,” says Rees.

5 Social Customer Service Lessons from ASOS’s Epic Eminem Rap Battle []
By Stephan Delbos
Would the real social customer service champion please stand up? We hadn’t heard about the British online retailer ASOS’s Eminem rap battle with their customer Jay Whalley until we stumbled across this Stephan Delbos piece. Thank you Stephan... Apparently Jay contacted ASOS with a complaint about a delivery delay. But instead of simply explaining his problem he decided to phrase his Facebook message in imitation of Eminem’s famous song “Stan.” Here’s how it went down... We are not going to spoil it for you, you will have to click on the link to read how to “do customer service right,” the Eminem way!

4 Common Mistakes in Online Customer Service []
Kerry Butters says, “Modern customer service is a much different animal than it was in the past. Now we have several channels of communication whilst once it was just phone and letter. This gives us an unprecedented opportunity to really connect with customers though and to really get brand messages across. All this helps ensure that customers are kept happy.” Yet despite this, mistakes in customer service still occur frequently. Some businesses that have been around before social media changed everything stick to outdated methods of communication, whilst others just don’t put effective training in place. Butters ponders whether eCommerce companies are getting it wrong still, or has the business world finally caught up with everything that technology has to offer?

How to Create Quality Interactions and Gain Loyal Customers []
By Natalie Monetta
Nothing is more important than the impression you leave when someone first comes to your website. In this insightful piece Natalie Monetta writing for Jay Baer’s ConvinceandConvert website gives us these amazingly easy-to implement steps for ensuring that you have a winning online presence.

  1. Make Login Easy: Samsung was able to increase product reviews by 506 percent and email clickthroughs by 63 percent by implementing an easier social login experience.
  2. Collect User Data Through Registration: But be wary of asking for too much information upfront.
  3. Analyze Your Audience: What types of users are engaging with you? Where, when, and why?
  4. Update Your Content Strategy to Speak to Your Most Engaged Users: They will be the ones creating your online community and becoming champions for your business.
  5. Personalize Your Retargeting: Personalize the re-activation content through email and other channels, using the data you have to target customers based on their engagements.

Our TWEET OF THE WEEK comes to you from Grant Cardone @GrantCardone talking about what makes people successful.


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