Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (10th June, 2016)

Improving Customer Experience | CX Buzz of the Week (10th June, 2016)

Want to know what people in the industry are saying about Customer Experience? Look no further than our bi-weekly #CX Buzz blog. This week featuring; on what Starbucks can teach us about CX; Erica Strother Marois [] on the top 20 ways you are annoying your customers, now you have no excuse not to stop! Our tweet of the week, with very wise words, from @JayBaer, and more... Enjoy!

What Starbucks and Stephen Colbert Just Taught Us about Customer Experience []
This is the second great piece we have found recently on This time Stephan Delbos looks at the recent Stephen Colbert piece on the new Starbucks app and its relatively unenthusiastic reception among customers. Delbos was thrilled to see this, not only because it was as funny, as Colbert always is, but because it taught a great lesson about customer experience and how customers ACTUALLY missed the human interactions that disappeared with the use of their app. Fascinating!

The Top 20 Ways You're Annoying Your Customers []
Gotta love this piece by Erica Strother Marois on the top 20 ways you are annoying your customers. Number 2, for example, is having to navigate a long and confusing IVR. We all know that great solutions exist to help you with this, like our NICE IVR Journey Analytics /engage/call-volume-reduction/ivr-journey-analytics to name one. The bottom line is that there is no need to have bad IVR or annoy your customers in this day and age.

Revolutionising customer experience in the digital age []
This is worth 16 minutes of your time. A panel discussion from Orace Cloudworld forms the basis of this piece on revolutionising customer experience in the digital age. Today, superior customer service has become key to retaining a buyer. While the average customer does not mind a rise in prices, they would shift brands if the service is not up to their expectations. So what can you be doing to better cater to the digital customer?

Understanding Customer Analytics and Data Analysis []
Yaniv Reznik, from Nanorep fame, has written this brilliantly informative post for on understanding customer analytics and data analysis. Check out our solutions for Customer Engagement Analytics, here.

Why customer loyalty is broken []
Denis Pombriant, of Beagle Research Group, postulates in this article on why customer loyatly is broken. Saying that there are many reasons why customer loyalty is broken, for example the number of net new customers is falling to the rate of population growth; for example, if you have a smartphone you might be reluctant to buy another as long as the current one is working. This means that for any vendor to show decent growth, strategies that take away a competitor’s customers become very important. Therefore, so do strategies for retaining them and that’s where loyalty comes in.

CX Buzz favourite, @Jaybaer is this week’s TWEET OF THE WEEK, with these words of wisdom:


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