Improve Your Business in 2018 with Customer Engagement Analytics

Omnichannel interaction analytics – analytics with no limits

The big buzz word of 2017 was "omnichannel." But how does this really look under the hood, and what will it look like in 2018? NICE Nexidia is forging ahead to make sure businesses' continued analytics needs are fulfilled, while also doing our best to assist you along the way. Let's take a look at how analytics programs are shaping out yesterday, today, and into tomorrow, so you can find yourself in the mix and plan for a successful 2018.

Businesses are still educating themselves on how to let customers engage with them on any channel they prefer; text, chat, email, voice, and more. As this is becoming established in the leading businesses, there is a recognition of the need for those channels to be analyzed all together, as one major set of customer data.

Separating voice from text interactions only serves to make the job of understanding customers more difficult. Why not ingest all this data and look at it as one whole? Putting queries into place that retrieve both how a customer might dictate a problem via voice, overlaid with queries to retrieve how that same problem might appear in a textual interaction, presents a truly omnichannel view of customer interactions.

Customer Engagement Analytics - the next frontier

Many businesses are still struggling to get to this point, while others are now forging ahead into the next frontier: Customer Engagement Analytics. What does this relatively nebulous term mean? To NICE Nexidia, it means bringing the best possible interaction analytics program together with a full spectrum view of all customer touchpoints in the customer journey.

But what do we mean by Customer Journey? We mean more than just interaction patterns studied when a customer makes contact with the contact center – we mean examining every point at which a customer is "touching" your business. Activity on your website, or a mention of your business on a social media post is just as critical, sometimes even more so, as when a customer contacts the business directly. Predicting an escalating issue before it enters the contact center is the best way to reach the pinnacle of customer experience, and the best way to bring continued success to your business.

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