How would you like to lead by boosting your NPS®/CSAT score?

Who wouldn’t answer “yes” to this question? And yet, many organizations are still paralyzed performing analysis or reporting on Voice of the Customer data instead of making changes to the things customers are telling them are broken, creating distress or are forcing them to leave their organization in favor of the competition.

Most organizations have a Voice of the Customer program capturing feedback from customers about what they like and what they do not like about their interaction. However, many organizations are not taking action on that insight. In today’s world of big data and advanced analytics, there are technology tools available to make sense of unstructured data. These tools aggregate and categorize the themes of feedback and separate by positive and negative customer sentiment.

When you look at this rich dataset with a variety of different lenses, actions for change become obvious. For example, one lens would be to look at the drivers of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction for an individual agent in the call center to see what he/she does well and in which areas he/she would need coaching. Another lens would be to look at a retail store to understand how it compares to the top performing store in its territory and identify improvement opportunities. A third lens could be to aggregate feedback by product offering to see which products fare better than others, and to see how customers suggest a product could be improved.

The organizations that significantly increase their NPS or CSAT scores manage an ongoing change program; they know what action to take as they see opportunities to improve through many different lenses on their Voice of Customer insights. Their mantra is one of taking action on the voice of their customers and they have the tools by which to identify these insights and the corporate culture that embraces change. An example of this in action a client of ours that has truly embraced their Voice of the Customer program by; implementing over 200 process improvements within their business; having agents read feedback on their performance to allow them to self-improve in areas in which they are failing; and reporting drivers of customer dissatisfaction to senior management to ensure the right topics are prioritized within the business.

We have the tools that capture the Voice of your Customers, the advanced analytics to derive understanding by identifying the customer insights as well as a transformation consulting capability to help organizations make the important cultural shift to be one of the leading brands that significantly boost their NPS/CSAT.