How to take the first step to your CaaS journey

​Ladies and Gentlemen, let me start by sharing a story that we may all be familiar with about 2 back-packing friends who were on a camping adventure. One of them ran into the tent and shouted to his friend that there was a bear running towards them. The other friend quickly started to put on his running shoes. As he started lacing up his shoes, his partner was incredulous and asked how on earth he thought he would be able to outrun the bear.

His response is very instructive, ‘I do not have to run faster than the bear, I only have to run faster than you’.

Seriously speaking, although  the  notion  of delivering  computing as  a  service, where  users pay for shared resources based on their usage, has  been around for decades, it was  not until a couple of years  ago  that  cloud computing in its current form emerged.

So, you may ask – where is the bear and why do we need to run???

The contact center cloud market is at the most significant inflection point in its 30-plus–year history. The cloud-based contact center infrastructure market is booming and showing no signs of slowing. 

It is now clear to service providers that adopting a cloud strategy, will result in a growing amount of contact centers and back offices that will fully recognize the core benefits of a cloud deployment:

First, a flexible footprint - 

Contact centers and business operations are often seasonal, with bursts of volume during holidays or other peak periods. When software is delivered via SaaS, it is possible to expand and contract your license count to always match your workforce, meaning, and better control over costs.

Secondly, shared resources with greater efficiency

This is ever more important since contact centers are spread all over the globe, And lastly, cloud delivery ensures you have access to the newest releases and most advanced capabilities, not to mention, the latest compliance regulations that are constantly changing.

We believe that cloud migration is a journey, and like every journey, the most challenging part is always taking the first few steps, and we think that the NICE WFM is the ideal pioneer test case. 

It can not only allow customers to enjoy forecasting and scheduling of business operations and performance management across the organization but also pave a path to the cloud for future applications. 

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