How to Survive the Holiday Season with our Disaster Recovery Solutions

How to Survive the Holiday Season with our Disaster Recovery Solutions

For me, the holiday season comes with a strong urge to catch up on movies. Call me old fashioned, but there is something about it that makes me want to cozy up and just watch festive holiday specials.  However, one type of movie genre I truly appreciate is horror, which is not typically not the flavor of the holiday season but can certainly rear its ugly head in contact centers during this time.

Holidays season: Is it a horror show?

Trust me, we all know about horror scenarios, especially in the contact center industry.  As we reach busiest time of the holiday season kicking off with Black Friday right after Thanksgiving, the shopping frenzy can last all the way through Christmas and even into New Year's!  It's also a time where most contact centers migrate into a "freeze zone", preventing anyone to touch their systems so that IT can implement security patches, changes or improvements.

What if something happens? With the holidays and the incredible volume of calls coming in, there is also the inclement weather to contend with, especially snowstorms, or even typhoons, depending where your data center is situated around the globe.

Yes, the holidays are often a synonymous for disaster, and I am not talking about sitting at the dinner table with your Uncle Joe who you you're not particularly fond of. I am referring to how you run your recording system and ensure compliance when you are vulnerable.  It's vulnerable because of the weather, because of the volume of interactions, or for any other reason that would cause complications.

Disaster Recovery with Engage and Compliance Center

Looking at those scenarios, we have built a full-suite to assure that disaster recovery is at the heart of your activities. From the basic encryption, to the Multi-Data Center recovery solution because of exogenous factors, all the way to the Compliance Center which enables day-to-day management of interactions with Audio Loss triggers to the agents and dedicated Do It Yourself (DIY) mechanisms for policy management. With our Engage recording platform we don't take disasters lightly.

Our business continuity solution offers a "single click" option, to make sure you are live and recording even though your main data center is no longer active – for any reason. Recording is at the keystone of most contact center's compliance policies and ensuring that all interactions can be used in case of audits or litigations is a huge concern. With capabilities such as the audio loss detection which can trigger alarms to the agents in real-time in case of packets lost and present aggregated information to systems manager on this specific topic – we have helped hundreds of leading contact centers avoid their worst-case scenarios.

Every day is a holiday!

Do you know what the best thing is? You don't have to wait for a holiday special! At NICE, we help keep organizations on a day to day basis, making sure that they deliver optimal customer experience and assure compliance with some of the most stringent regulations for privacy with GDPR, evidence keeping or credit card payments with PCI DSS.

If you want to learn more about our solutions for disaster recovery, please contact me or schedule a demo!