How to Ensure Every Customer Interaction is a Positive One

​Nothing is more frustrating than receiving that call. An anonymous number jumps up on the screen at the most inconvenient time. As you hesitantly move your finger towards the ‘answer’ button, you pray this isn’t some irrelevant attempt to sell you something you neither need nor want.


“No thank you sir, I live in an igloo so double glazing wouldn’t really work for me.”

When it comes to your organization, every interaction you have with your customer is an opportunity to delight or disappoint. Call at the right time; send a promotion based on their preferences; listen and engage through all your channels, and your customers will reward you with their loyalty.

But keep customers endlessly waiting on the line; throw them from one agent to another; or make it clear that you have no idea what they want, and you risk losing your customers and damaging your brand. 

Here are some tips to help you make every interaction a positive one:

Analyze Your Data

A recent study found that only 27% of companies are tracking their performance on social media and as low as 18% on chat.   Make sure you are analyzing data from all your channels to enable you to get a 360 degree view of your customers.

Connect Your Service Channels

Visualize and map the end-to-end customer journey, understanding how each interaction is a part of the wider picture. Think about how customers are moving from one touch point to another to achieve their objective and how the journey can be improved.

Know Your Customers

Get the most out of your data by dynamically guiding decision-making in real time across touch points. Provide your employees with the relevant customer information and tools to delight your customers every time.

Check out our latest video to see how you can delight your customers by creating perfect experiences. ​