2018 planning

Get Ready for 2018 with These Free Research Reports

Are you getting ready for 2018 planning? If so, we’ve compiled a short list of reports you will probably want to read (and we’re giving them to you free):

Drive Revenue with Great Customer Experience, 2017 – Forrester Research

In this report, industry analysts from Forrester Research, a leading global research and advisory firm, look at the relationship between investments in customer experience and the direct impact on business revenue. Delving into customer interactions spanning 13 distinct industries, this report provides useful insights into the growing importance of customer experience in achieving revenue objectives.

Key findings in the report include:

  • How a one-point improvement in customer experience can mean up to $873 million in additional revenue
  • What you can expect in terms of returns on investment in YOUR industry
  • Which industry has 50% of its customers reporting 'poor' or 'very poor' experiences

Digital Customer Experience Trends, 2017 – Forrester Research

In this report, industry experts from Forrester Research take a look at how the turbulent nature of 2016 digital trends have evolved in 2017, steering companies toward “more human” customer experiences. One key factor: Developing better processes and staying focused on the satisfaction of both customers and employees. Also inside this report, learn the necessary resources to be successful, not only when it comes to your current digital customer experiences, but also when piloting new ones.

Key findings in the report include:

  • How advancing user interfaces impact the way companies interact with their customers
  • How human-like interactions create a better customer experience while also empowering your agents

The ROI of SaaS – Forrester Research

Considering the long-term impact that your software application has on your business, it’s important to get the right facts to make the best choice. Read this complimentary report from Forrester on the benefits of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and why it’s a viable option when looking to replace on-premises applications.

This report analyzes the total economic impact of SaaS and the business value gained:

  • Learn how to evaluate where SaaS makes sense in your business
  • Learn why SaaS applications offer advantages over On-Premises Apps
  • Find out how to build a good SaaS business case, including the risks
  • Understand the business value that SaaS creates as well as ROI

Happy reading!