GDPR: Is Anybody Ready?

Tick tock, 90% of organizations aren’t ready for the GDPR!

Panicked GDPR talk has become omnipresent, but is this translating to action, and are organizations adequately prepared? A recent survey of IT professionals (ESG research) has found that only 11% of organizations are completely prepared for the GDPR, a third of organizations say they are mostly prepared, and 44% are en route to implementing the processes they would like to have in place to meet GDPR requirements. The other main finding of the research was the great uncertainty surrounding the GDPR and how organizations are still hoping for the best without a compliance strategy in place. Another survey carried out by the UK government to try and help foster awareness and preparedness for the GDPR, found that in some sectors only one in four organizations are even aware of the GDPR. A dangerous finding given that the GDPR is around the corner and that organizations stand to have 4% of their annual revenues wiped!

However, this may all seem more pessimistic than is the case. While organizations may be well on their way to implementing privacy by design throughout their organization, certain technical requirements of the GDPR are more challenging and may be holding organizations back. Particularly the introduction of new Rights for the Data Subject (GDPR articles 15 – 20), which include the right to data access, the right to data portability, and the very much talked about the right to erasure (the right to be forgotten). These rights all require a system for tagging interactions across all channels according to the user, and of course a system for deleting, or regurgitating them swiftly when requested. Of course, no one yet knows if there will be a consumer led revolution of customers waiting for their information on the 25th of May. So organizations must be prepared for the worst.

Be with NICE

To combat this challenge, and all the fine prints of the regulation, we have created a dedicated GDPR Solution, to simplify processes relating to Rights for the Data Subject. Leveraging our market leading recording solution NICE Engage, the GDPR solution provides dedicated privacy dashboards, and an advanced policy manager to simplify the processes related to RTBF requests. The solution also builds upon a mission-critical API that enables organizations to bridge siloes between different systems such as CRM and identifying single requests from data subjects. If you want to learn more about our solution, please click here, or book a demo.

How GDPR ready are you? Have you had enough of hearing about the GDPR? We would love to hear your views below.