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Forbes is renowned for publishing only the best writers and content when it comes to any topical issue. So we are delighted that we have not one, but four pieces from our experts on Customer Experience featured on this month.

Employee Success in a Self-Service World by Yair Lehrer

We've seen them, and you've more than likely seen them, we are talking about the emergence of more and more self-service ticket desks, checkouts etc… But what does it mean for employees when a customer judges good CX based on how much they can avoid interacting with a human? Yair Lehrer [] talks about customer service for the customer that doesn't want to be served. Saying that as he sees it, there are three main challenges call centers face when in the new reality of the "self-service customer."

The Business Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

Successful customer journey mapping can be daunting for sure and NICE is here to help!  Watch this quick 5-minute Q&A video featuring Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha, Senior Analysts for Forrester Research, who explores the benefits of visualizing and mapping individual journeys; breaking it down into bite-sized chunks that will help both new and experienced CX professionals map their customer journeys.

The Four Parts of a CX Even Millennials Will Think Is Sickening by Liron Golan

In a world where Millennials think the word 'sickening' actually means good, it is no surprise that even for service providers times are changing. Millennials for the most part are confident, educated, used to personalization, and expecting on-demand everything. In fact they are becoming the dominant purchasing block, and they see service providers less as all-knowing authorities and more as, well, providers of a service. Liron G​olan presents the four parts of customer experience that as he says, "even Millennials will think is 'sickening.'"

The Four Secrets to Improving Customer Experience In Real-Time by Nevo Peretz​

Price and innovation while important is taking a back seat to good customer experiences. As we all know if a customer is happy with the experience and you have managed to create an emotional connection, it should have significant implications for satisfaction, loyalty, repeat business and ultimately revenues. Nevo Peretz share his four secrets to improving customer experience in real-time.


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