Economics of SaaS Depends on Continuously Satisfying Existing Customers

I have always been proud of the customer service mindset here at NICE CXone, we believe that we don't just earn the business of our customers once, but that we earn their business every month as our customers are satisfied with the service and continue to subscribe to our SaaS business model.  Recently, an article published by Scott Sehlhorst on illustrated nicely why our customers and many others out there are finding SaaS to be a better way to do business with software companies. The bottom line is this: SaaS businesses like NICE CXone must have their customers interests at heart, otherwise they won't be sustained.  Customers of SaaS businesses are in control because they know they are sustaining the businesses that are truly adding value to their goals.

NICE CXone has a terrific portfolio of customers and we are pleased to provide the NICE CXOne services to them day after day, month after month. Thank you. We hope to always make you proud and continuously earn your business as we provide a state-of-the-art SaaS solution to you.

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