Do You Really Understand Your Customer Journeys?

Technology​ is changing fast even in traditional industries such as Telecom, Insurance, and Financial Services. New apps are triggering new trends, which in turn are creating new customer behavior. ​Do you really understand how these trends impact your customer journeys?

Emerging technologies trigger new trends

In the digital age, new apps monitor your services, analyze their quality, and allow your customers to understand them better. Sometimes a new app reveals a weakness in your services. Frustrated customers will share their experience on social media and initiate new trends.

Social media trends impact your entire organization

Social media trends impact your customer behavior and trigger multi-channel interactions. More calls to your contact center, more visits to your website, and more complaints on social media will impact your entire organization. To be able to react, you need to understand your customers’ new journeys.

Managing your customers’ new journey

Customers respond to new trends in different ways – some of them call your contact center first and others will visit your website. By analyzing the new journeys and how they were impacted by external trends, you can discover opportunities to improve self-service applications and reduce customer frustration.

Connecting social media and other interaction channels

Obtaining these insights requires integration of social media with internal data. Due to silos in most of today’s organizations, it is almost impossible to connect between these channels. Therefore, even acquiring just a primary insight on your customer behavior can take several months.

Discovering insights in minutes

NICE’s disruptive journey technology uncovers external trends and connects them to customer journeys by correlating social media to internal customer data. NICE External Impact Analytics is an extension of our customer journey solutions that will allow you to get these insights in minutes.

To learn more about ​our External Impact Analytics capabilities, contact us.