Comparison of the Most Popular Solutions for Identity Verification: Fingerprint, Voice, and Facial Biometrics

Remember the days when you could use just your password or pin number and that was secure enough? Well, these days are over. It is a known fact that 'Something you know' is not sufficient any more for identity verification. In fact, reality shows that it only takes 26 seconds for a skilled fraudster to know all he needs about you in order to hack your account using passwords or Knowledge Based Authentication (thanks to social media channels and the worldwide web).

This is what makes biometrics so popular. From accessing your mobile devices, through opening your office door, to accessing your bank account or talking to a contact center agent, there is a growing number of day-to-day applications for biometrics as a means of authentication. Biometric-based authentication is more secure identity verification than any other method and ties an identity to a specific individual rather than a password or a code that can be used by anyone. This is the great leap in the authentication evolving eco system from "something you have" to "something you are".

What to Consider?

When organizations consider incorporating biometrics in their consumer authentication process, there is sometimes confusion about which biometric technology to choose. Would voice biometrics be the best fit? Or maybe facial biometrics? Perhaps using fingerprints will best serve your customers?

To help make sense of this, I created a short document that reviews the most popular identity verification technologies and compares between them on different levels including the security aspects, customer experience, ease of implementation, device dependency etc. I urge you to read this document, learn about the differences between fingerprint, voice, and facial biometrics and make a more informed decision when you select a biometric technology for your organization and particularly - for your consumers.

For more information download the comparison table of the most popular biometric technologies.