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Recent Survey Discusses What Is and What Should Never Be in CX

NICE Systems and Boston Consulting Group recently published the “NICE BCG 2016 Customer Survey”, placing valuable insights in the light for enterprises finding themselves dazed and confused about the key trends in multi-channel customer experience (CX) today. The survey sampled more than 1,700 CX-focused marketers in the CX houses of the holy—financial services, telecommunications and insurance—from Kashmir to the land of the ice and snow, over the hills and far away.

The song remains the same for respondents, as four sticks emerged consistently:

  • Customer journeys are here to stay.
  • Multi-channel interaction complexity is growing.
  • Customer experience can be a key differentiator.
  • Personalization is key for winning.

Finding a CX stairway to heaven remains as difficult as ever, with 97% of customers using more than one channel to engage with these businesses, and a typical customer using more than five channels to do so. This complexity in the customer journey means businesses need to show a whole lotta love with regard to their call centers, websites, IVR, mobile apps, points of sale, and elsewhere, otherwise customers will be packing their bags for the misty mountain, saying “babe, I’m gonna leave you,” and high customer churn will become a real heartbreaker in the long term. When the levee breaks, it’s nobody’s fault but mine.

While you’re out on the tiles trying to win the battle of evermore, customers are increasingly frustrated by a lack of consistency across the different channels—often wondering how many more times they’ll need to provide the same information, how much longer they’ll have to wait before speaking to a helpful agent, how much more they’ll ramble on—and these issues plague a majority of respondents. Even when customers do reach a live agent, 40% don’t find a successful resolution, and end up feeling trampled underfoot, like a fool in the rain.

But if you’re sitting there asking yourself, “hey, hey, what can I do?” don’t worry; your time is gonna come. Today, there are more effective, powerful applications than ever before to help you bring it on home for effective CX, and dancing days can be here again. While the customer journey is riddled with pitfalls, and it may seem customers really are just sick again, the ability to generate and leverage real-time insights from every conceivable angle—in the evening, down by the seaside, something else—is key to harpooning your Moby Dick: delivering a perfect customer experience. When you have full visibility of the customer journey, you’re well-positioned to help them stop singing the lemon song about your business, and leave them thinking “I can’t quit you, baby.” THAT’S the way it oughta be.

Read the results of the “NICE BCG 2016 Customer Survey” today, and gain key insights into how to make your CX program rock and roll.

(In case you were wondering: Yes, I’ve been listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin recently.) ☺