CMO Perspectives (6th Mar, 2015)

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to customer service. Deeper insight into customer buying habits and behaviors not only improves customer experience – it can also change the entire way your business functions and monetizes its product. This week, we found a number of articles that offers some great insights and ideas about how more deeply understand your customers, whether through big data strategies or asking a few simple and straightforward questions.

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The Customer Experience Trap []

According to Joe Ruiz, customer experience has to begin with people, not the brand. He advises readers that to identify the Voice of the Customer by getting to know them through simple questions such as:

  • How they feel about the brand experience?
  • What are their preferences for information?
  • How do they use your product or service?

Questions like these help CMOs gain a deeper understanding of customers and can even help them differentiate between customers and prospects.

Customer Service Is The Original Marketing Channel – Infographic []

The blog has an interesting infographic with various statistics talking about the importance of customer service. It talks about customer behaviors and preferences from the customer service departments. It also suggests some behaviors for call center agents that can boost customer satisfaction.

How To Gain Deep Insights Into New Customer Buying Behaviors []

Understanding why customers are buying or not buying a product or service can be very difficult for many companies today. Too often, executives have large gaps in understanding shifting customer buying behaviors. Tony Zambito offers several tips on how to more deeply understand new customer buying behaviors including:

  • Immerse Yourself In The Business Of Your Customers
  • Return To Segmentation
  • Get To Know The Many Situations Confronting Your Customers

He offers a number of other useful insights. Definitely worth a read.

Big data may be the ultimate customer experience tool []

This blog reminds CMOs about the importance of big data in the context of customer experience. One of big data’s most important benefit is that it allows brands to listen to customers and evolve accordingly without spending too much energy.

Another important aspect is the capability it offers to companies to identify customer behaviors and plan strategies accordingly.

The #1 Way to Increase Engagement, Boost Conversions and Gain Repeat Customers for Life []

One of the biggest problems many entrepreneurs and business owners face today is how to monetize their ideas, passions and skills. How to solve the problem of monetization? The solution could be as simple as shifting your perspective, as a CMO, from seeing customers as targets to be acquired to developing a more authentic, value centered relationship with them. Authentic CX is much more likely to boost conversions and loyalty.