CMO Perspectives (4th August, 2015)

​With an informative video from Forrester on assessing the current state of your CX, and a great piece from Gartner with 5 top tips to improve your CX innovation, this week’s CMO Perspectives will not disappoint when it comes to thought leadership in the customer service industry. Enjoy!​

This is a must watch video from Forrester’s Harley Manning, VP and Research Director serving customer experience professionals, guiding companies on how to evaluate customer experience maturity.

Big Data, big data, big data - we keep hearing it again and again. But do you know how to effectively use it to advance your marketing strategy, reach and ROI? Daniel Newman does, and his piece makes it easy for you to understand the role big data can play in helping you with better marketing campaigns.

The future of marketing is what? Innovation centers? Oh, you mean places where innovation and new companies are driving the market. In fact, Brian Solis said, "Innovation centers provide more value for marketers than R&D units because instead of focusing on next generation products, they focus on startups and consumer behavior... The future of marketing has nothing to do with marketing. It has everything to do with experiencing what's going on where the innovation begins.”

If you are going to take advice on innovative customer experience, who better to accept it from than Mary Mesaglio, research VP at Gartner. Christy Pettey summarizes the best of Mesaglio’s tips that can help focus the CX innovation effort and avoid it from getting derailed down the road.

In the digital era, marketing operations must know how to exploit and scale the capabilities of digital channels cost effectively. Now McKinsey has put together this short infographic showing the main capabilities to support your digital marketing operations.

It is no secret that brands no longer drive the relationship, customers do. In order to remain relevant, unique and needed by customers, brands face a daunting challenge of listening to, understanding and then acting on the voice of their customers. In this great piece by Aldo Cundari, he claims that there is a relatively simple formula which involves flipping your old brand-centric model, and putting the customer at the center of all your branding efforts.

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