CMO Perspectives (25th May 2015)

​From customer service hacks that will save us all effort, to how CMOs don’t really get the challenges their roles face due to changes in technology. This week’s CMO perspectives is jam-packed with interesting pieces from some of the leading blogs, websites and influencers in the customer service industry, read on and enjoy.​

​​How can your employees be inspired to be better engaged with your customers and in tune with your company goals when the very words used to inspire them are well... uninspiring? Brian Solis asks the question, “so what is employee engagement exactly?” He goes on to give an appalling example of an all too common definition that he found on Engage for Success. Keep reading to see how he can inspire you to make changes and start to make a more human impact on your employee engagement.

Not many companies can recognize and admit where they are failing. Domino’s did it in 2009 with their transformational “Pizza Turnaround” campaign. Now a complete brand overhaul, coupled with a winning personalised mobile customer experience has turned Domino’s pizza into a resounding success. Here’s how they did it.  

Hands up if your sales and marketing team have decided to go-it-alone when it comes to your IT needs, branching out and hiring your own developers or out-sourcing to digital agencies? According to Jeffrey Hammond, Forrester Analyst, interviewed by CMSWire, “there are huge political battles between IT organizations and businesses.” Read his recommendations on how to align IT and business to realize the most effective digital strategy.

It’s no secret that the role of CMOs has been changing drastically as technologies and data analysis grows. Therefore it should not be surprising that CMOs are playing catch-up to get their heads around the changes. Specifically CMOs say they need (among other things) the most help with identifying the entire customer experience across all channels; mapping the customer journey back to touch points within the customer experience; and developing a true 360 view of the customer. Jay Baer summarizes the Oracle Marketing Cloud report to offer CMOs five recommendations they can use to help them better navigate the changes.

While most articles and blogs focus on all the work you need to do to change and improve customer service. Here is a refreshing piece showcasing a Sheb Hyken webinar on... Wait for it... 5 Steps to Reduce Effort for Everyone in Customer Service. We don’t want to spoil it for you, but it is worth watching and reading Warren Miller’s [] recap.

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