CMO Perspectives (23rd June, 2015)

​With the advent of social media platforms and technology, the role of CMO is getting harder and harder. Our CMO Perspectives highlights some of the best articles and blog posts on the web, to help make your job easier. This week we try to inspire you with 9 great quotes from industry leaders on why custo​mer love matters. We also feature Brian Solis in an interview with Sylvia Ng, VP of Growth and Analytics at Scribble Live, on his top 5 tips for customer-based marketing. Enjoy!

As with so many other areas of the modern economy, marketing has been revolutionized in the past few years by the growth of data analytics. While the vast majority of marketers understand the need for gathering and analyzing data, many still struggle with determining the best way to use that data. A recent survey showed that 45 percent of marketing executives rated their team’s use of data and analytics tools below proficient. So how can CMOs make better sense of big data? John Rampton [] is here to help.

We all need a bit of inspiration to start our day. Leaders who can inspire us to engage with our customers and show them the love and the respect they deserve, are the ones we should be listening to. Here is a great piece with 9 pertinent quotes on why customer love matters. Why not start your day with one of them? 

Everyone talks about the importance of customer journey mapping, but how you respond to complaints also needs to be mapped. Unfortunately, it’s human nature to feel attacked and react emotionally in complaint scenarios, especially when you’re actively trying to treat customers well. To keep your customer support team from responding with knee-jerk reactions, you need a system in place to handle negative feedback consistently, coherently and objectively. This is the response road map. This great article from will talk you through defining a step-by-step process for listening to and responding to complaints. 

Everyone, but everyone knows the fastest way to do anything is on social media, isn't it? According to this eye-opening Adweek analysis of a white paper by The Northbride Group, companies are falling short, especially on social media. 33 percent of survey respondents believe that customer service on social media doesn’t meet expectations, and only 14 percent believe it exceeds expectations. Read more.

In the midst of endless blogs, podcasts, tweets, instagrams and snapchats, how does a brand or business get noticed? According to guru, Solis, creating a truly effective marketing campaign is about understanding your brand, and more importantly, your audience. In an interview with Sylvia NG, VP of Growth and Analytics at Scribble Live, Brian Solis turns the conversation into five actionable tips that will help you improve your marketing strategy.

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