CMO Perspectives (1st September, 2015)

This week's CMO Perspectives encourages you to explore using music to boost your brand with a piece from Zach Miller [] on music and marketing. We also introduce you to Adrian Swinscoe who has produced an impressive 152 video blogs with leading authors and business leaders on delivering great customer experiences. Enjoy!​

Marketing is a (Buyer) Journey, Not a Destination [IBM]

Everyone, and we mean everyone, is talking about the brilliant research put out in August by IBM Research and The CMO Club. They interviewed 100 top CMOs to come up with these two notable trends: 1. CMOs are pivoting their marketing to include customer retention/advocacy while concurrently allocating investment across the entire customer journey, not by channel; 2. Marketers are constantly testing, failing, winning and innovating with their digital multitaskers. Make sure you check it out as there is so much more to gain from reading the complete results.

How We Transformed Our Organisation and Our Customer Experience []

If you haven't heard of Adrian Swinscoe, let us introduce him with this great video blog on how Principality Building Society transformed their organisation and customer experience. This is Adrian's 152nd video blog in which he interviews authors and business leaders that are doing great things by helping businesses innovate and deliver great service and experience to their customers. Watch or download, you won't be sorry and you can thank us for the introduction by leaving a comment.

The 5 Traits Of A Truly Memorable Brand []

As Neil Patel says in this Forbes piece, "It's more important than ever to create a memorable brand." In today's market, brands need to have websites, products, entrepreneurs, blogs, logos, pitches, videos, social accounts, hashtags, guest posts, dreams, aspirations and a spot in the digital landscape. But what do you need to do in order to have a truly memorable brand? Read on to find out Neil's top 5 traits of a truly memorable brand.

Why your company's CMO might be its next CEO []

If you are currently CMO then chin up. According to Rebekah Iliff at Mashable, you may be your company's next CEO, and it makes sense. CMOs inherently understand the customer better, are highly data literate, embody empathy and the list goes on. In this "age of the customer" who better to run the company than the person who understands the customer the best. Can anyone say promotion?

Music And Marketing: A Love Story []

The music you love can say a lot about your personality. So too a brand can use music to tell a story or set an image. In this lyrical piece from Zach Miller, we look at how you can use music to boost your marketing campaigns and get your customers to love your brand. It could be sponsored concerts, branded albums, custom songs, or big-name artists giving props to your brand in a viral music video. Miller says you can think of this as the "First Time Lover's Handbook to Music and Marketing".

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