CMO Perspectives (19th Feb, 2015)

Each new day seems to bring new information, new challenges and new technology to the marketing world. How can we maximize our work as CMOs while incorporating all the new ideas and concepts that hit our inbox every morning? Through two simple words: strategy and metrics. Focusing on business goals and measuring performance on a regular basis in effective ways makes contending with the challenges of modern marketing much less daunting. When handled with care, the empowered consumer can reward brands with deep loyalty. So, with the right strategy and metrics, that goal is highly achievable.

Toward Business Goals Only: Customer Conversations and Relationships []

Developing good customer relationships is the next big trend in the CX industry. Brand perception among customers is based on the relationships they maintain with the brand. Much of this depends on the types of conversations you are having with your customers. Different types of conversations can become sales differentiators in and of themselves.

Customer perception will determine the growth of your business. Is your purpose only to sell the product? Or is it to solve customer problems with care and diligence? If your customer can’t figure out what business goal you are trying to accomplish with your CX strategy, it might be time to rethink that strategy.

How to Reduce Customer Friction Points for More Leads and Sales []

Friction can kill customer experience. In today’s world, with so many options available, customers will be quick to exit stage left if they are confronted with friction in their customer journey. Identifying and understanding your customers’ pain points will bring you closer to them and strengthen the relationship.

In order to create a frictionless journey for your customer, examine the cornerstones of your business processes. Some of the ideas suggested in this article are personalized content, CX, employee engagement and focusing on customer relationships.

5 Ways You Can Go Pro As A Customer Experience Leader []

Great customer experience requires great leaders. CX is now entering a high growth period which requires solid leadership- from those with and without c-level titles. This article has 5 recommendations for developing yourself as a CX leader:

  1. Read up!
  2. Observe your own customer experiences
  3. Join relevant groups
  4. Stay on top of industry news
  5. Get certified by the Customer Experience Professionals Association

A Simple Way to Measure How Much Customers Love Your Brand [HBR]

How much does a customer love your brand? It can be hard to count the ways. In this article, Tim Halloran discusses his personal “brand love” scoring system—the Brand Passion Score. He talks about the different components of his scoring system and how such a system can be used to grow your business. Here are 3 of the most effective statements that he’s found to measure a consumer’s passion for a brand:

  • X is a brand for me.
  • X is a brand I can trust
  • X is a brand I enjoy introducing other people to.

Read more about how a simple metric can help you monitor the strength of the relationship between consumers and your brand.

How To Become The Modern Marketer Of The New Millennium [cmo by adobe]

It’s well known that retail marketing has changed drastically in the last decade. Retailers must now contend with the formidable challenge of an educated consumer empowered by technology. In this article, Klaus Sommer Paulsen, CEO of Adventurelab, discusses how to achieve what Forrester calls Marketing Maturity. This metric indicates how well a company’s marketing practices are keeping up with the pace of change. Becoming a “modern marketer” involves many factors, including: targeting, buyer engagement, conversion, performance analytics and use of technology. These are the basics- the rest of the article delves deeper into how to excel as a modern marketer. It’s worth a read.

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