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CMO Perspectives (18th August, 2015)

​Even in the throes of summer vacations the web is ripe with great content to fill this week's CMO Perspectives, including a great piece from Brian Solis with his 5 takeaways to make customer experience a competitive advantage. Enjoy!

Marketing leadership is hard; find out how LinkedIn and Pinterest excel []

It's not easy being CMO. You have to manage multiple channels while trying to maintain a unified customer experience across departments. And there is no taking time off in the age of two-way social media. Find out how LinkedIn, with their increased mobile usage, higher engagement levels and new customers, and Pinterest, with their recently launched buyable pins and new Marketing Developer Partners Program, are forging ahead and becoming leaders in the industry.

The Countdown to Brian Solis's New Book []

You can either watch the countdown or head over to an online book retailer and pre-order your copy of the much anticipated book from Brian Solis, X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, how to design a desired, meaningful and uniform customer experience in every moment of truth. But if you can't wait, check out another great Solis piece below.

It's About the Customer Experience; So, Why Is Your Brand Ignoring Customers? []

After an inspiring Prophet event, with attendees ranging from some of the biggest brands to the hottest start-ups, Brian Solis left inspired and wanted to share with us the highlights from the event. With insights like, "Find Your 'Undercover Boss' Moment," and "Swipe Right To Connect with Millennials." His "5 Takeaways to Make Customer Experience A Competitive Advantage" are a must read.

You May Be Surprised at the #1 B2B Marketing Responsibility of 2016 []

We aren't THAT surprised but it still needs to be said. Understanding buyers will be their #1 responsibility in two years (85%) according to a recent survey conducted by ITSMA, business-to-business (B2B) marketers worldwide. Not just that, but managing "marketing technology tools" and "market/competitor analysis" round out the top three marketing duties predicted for 2016, representing 76% and 75% of respondents, respectively.

Applying Big Data to your Employee Engagement Strategy []

Yup! Even big data can help with your employee engagement strategy. As Dan Newman on rightly says, study after study shows the problems of a disengaged workforce and dwindling employee morale, and the hefty price businesses pay for productivity losses from such issues. Are you doing enough to engage your employees and counter these problems?

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