CMO Perspectives (17th September, 2015)

​It is rare that we highlight two posts from the same source in the same CMO Perspectives blog post. But this week has delighted us with two excellent pieces on marketing and customer experience. Well worth the read. Enjoy!

Customer Experience Must be at the Heart of Your Agile Marketing []

WOW! Did you know that while many brands might argue that real-time personalized brand experiences are "the new black," a recent study revealed that 69% of customers are uncomfortable with advertisers knowing what websites they have visited, and 55% of people are put off buying products or services if they see the same ad multiple times? Paul Mandeville discusses in this post how to market relevant products and deals to prospective or repeat customers without annoying them. He says, "Brands need to implement agile marketing techniques with the customer experience at the center of their strategies."

4 Customer Experience Quotes That Will Make You A Better Marketer []

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Jerry Gregoire... or perhaps we should have started this blurb with Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Dell. These are four of the most influential business leaders from four of the most successful companies in the world. They obviously did something right, and the mistakes they made on the way can only serve to teach us what not to do. So thanks to Duff Anderson now you can take inspiration from these four customer experience quotes, from the four previously mentioned inspiring leaders, which can only serve to make you a better marketer.

CMOs: Are You Paying Attention to Attention? []

CMOs - stop worrying about how many people visit your campaigns and start worrying about what they are doing when they get there. Columnist Brian Rigney discusses why measuring the success of a campaign is less about whether people visit and more about how long they visit. He says, "It isn't about measuring clicks. More importantly, it is about measuring engagement — the time people spend with digital experiences and the ways they interact with them."

How to Synchronize Your Marketing With the Customer Journey []

When pondering the often used phrase "brand loyalty is dead," Jonathan Moran says that although not completely dead, the price a brand must pay to ensure consumers are as loyal as they were 10-20 years ago has increased dramatically. He also says that by the year 2020, research indicates loyalty will be based solely on experience, not on price or quality of product or service. This post discusses the why's of this trend.

What CMOs Need to Know About The Customer Experience []

It is probably no surprise that CEOs are tapping their CMOs on the shoulder to take the reins of a customer experience program, with 89 percent of companies planning to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 2016, according to Gartner. Duff Anderson writes that with customer experience initiatives increasingly being headed up by CMOs these are the critical for them to know before they get started.

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