CMO Perspectives (13th October, 2015)

​In this week’s CMO Perspectives, we feature Tony Zambito [] talking about three new perspectives to consider for customer journey mapping. While Tony Bodoh [] dares you to try and wait until 2020 for your CX to become your key differentiator, saying, “Don’t wait the future is here.” Enjoy!

Over the last week Tony Bodoh has seen an increase in reporting on various research findings that state customer experience will be the primary differentiator, even more than price, by somewhere between 2016 and 2020. He says, "If you believe that, I have some REALLY bad news.  The future is here." We don't think he means that the primary differentiator won't be CX by 2020, it means START NOW! If you want to see how we think CX will look by 2020 in order to know what you need to start doing now, check out this​ White Paper which we published together with MyCustomer on 2020 CX vision

The writer of this blog post sure knows how to make data analytics entertaining.. The message is simple, "don't be one of those people." The writer is talking about those senior executives who think they understand data analytics but... don't. He categorizes them in an amusing fashion as the one who knows all the buzz-words, the one who knows all the right company names or feature sets to drop, but has never actually integrated or used one, and finally the one who pretends to be best friends with person 1 and person 2 in the hope of being associated with their thought-leadership. This Executive's 60 Minute Survival Guide to Customer Analytics, in short, is brilliant.

There is no denying that the ability to be empathetic with your customers is the difference between success and failure. However, with automated systems and human interactions you cannot always control, empathy is not always that easy to achieve. Aaron Goldberg talks here about the three critical requirements for building an empathetic customer experience according to Dennis DeGregor, HP Worldwide Customer Experience Executive.

Everything about Gregory Olson's piece about audience segmentation as the first step to mapping your customer journey, is delightful. From the name of the site it is posted on, to the title of the piece. Follow his first steps to see how inventorying your stakeholder groups can help you overcome audience oversight.

As digital channels expand CMOs are seeking better ways to understand the entire buying cycle, as opposed to marketing’s traditional concern with building awareness.  The idea of understanding the customer journey or buyer’s journey, although not a new concept, has come into vogue during the past couple of years.  In this great piece, Tony Zambito talks about a need for CMOs to gain deeper insights into the consumer or buyer’s journey, saying, "It will require three new perspectives and ways of approaching the general concept of the customer journey, resulting in more focus and clarity." Read on to see what Zambito thinks these three perspectives are.

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